Arcam rHead Class-A Analogue Headphone Amplifier

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  1. griff2
    Yes, count me in.  It's been a while since I had an Arcam amp so would be interesting to hear their headphone amp.
  2. tyty5150
    HeadFi username: tyty5150
    Location: Tulsa, OK (USA)
    Previous Reviews:
    Equipment List
    Senn HD600
    Stax 2170
    DIY Butte
    DIY O2
    I agree to terms and conditions.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. sbradley02
    Interested in the US tour
  4. rmacaisa
    Would love to be included in the USA tour. I'm a professional photographer located in Los Angeles with a Hifiman Edition X, HE400i, and Shure SE535. All I promise are some sweet photos and to add this to my list of upcoming reviews!
  5. Arcam-Voice
    Thanks everyone ABOVE this line who will be included, getting started on logistics. UK first then USA
    Cheers Robert
  6. Arcam-Voice
    Arcam rHead Review Tour UK - Round One July 2016
    I am starting with the first 5 people and will follow through with everyone who responded before today 6/07/2016
    ejong7 has been very helpful with setup and we will be starting with him. 
    I hope you all like the rHead as much as we do (-:
    Cheers Robert
    1. ejong7
    2. Oink1
    3. vkvedam
    4. glassmonkey
    5. Takeanidea
    The following are the terms and conditions regarding the review tour:
    1. Each person involved is responsible for the cost of shipping of the review gear  to the next person in the tour.
    2. Shipping must include tracking numbers that will also have to be provided to the tour coordinator.
    3. Participants must provide real names and addresses. The details will not be disclosed in public and are only to be used for the purpose of this tour
    4. Each participant will have seven days as a standard listening period, subject to change by the coordinator.
    5. Each participant must make sure that the coordinator and the recipient is informed when the item is posted.
    6. Each participant must make sure that the coordinator and the sender is informed when the item is received
    7. Each participant are to make sure that they take good care of the earphones, packaging and accessories.
    8. Each participant agree to write a review that will be posted here on Head-Fi
  7. Arcam-Voice
    Join us on Facebook if you have the time, lots more to Arcam than just Head-fi

    Cheers Robert
  8. Arcam-Voice
    Here's the rHead driving the mighty Abyss with ease! Arcam's CDS27 CD/SACD/Streamer as the source. Thanks to Hi-Fi Lounge - for the photo.
  9. ngoshawk
    Very nice set up! I still use my cd73 regularly, through the wonderful what a combo. And congrats to the UK group!
  10. Oink1 Contributor
    Will this be a 'burned in' unit for the tour? [​IMG]
  11. Arcam-Voice
    UK TOUR WILL START NEXT WEEK - I'll write to everyone today
    USA TOUR Awaiting stock - will be a week or two
  12. Arcam-Voice
    Rear panel shot - simplicity itself
  13. Arcam-Voice

    Thanks, keep an eye out, sure we will do more - Cheers Robert
  14. Arcam-Voice
    The first sample in on its way to vkvedam, who will send it to Glassmonkey who will send it to Takeanidea
    As we get going I will add some more people to Tour One and see if I can get a extra sample for Tour Two
    I THINK? I have replied to all UK requests, If you did not get a message today asking for contact info etc, PM me
  15. Arcam-Voice
    ​I am still waiting for stock info from The Sound Organisation in the USA
    I have not followed up with everyone USA based yet, but will do when I know that I can get a sample
    ​Thanks for your patience
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