Arcam power amp query
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Jun 11, 2014

Looking for some advice on Arcam power amps. I currently have an Arcam FMJ P35 power amp that I bought at least 10 years ago, perhaps even before that. It is still working away good style, but I have a bit of an itch to scratch and I am thinking of replacing it. I am looking at the Arcam PA410, but would only consider buying it if it will outperform the P35. Would any of you kind souls be able to give me some advice on whether this is a worthwhile upgrade, or if in fact the P35 is actually superior?

I am clueless when it comes to reading all the technical specs, so I have included links to specs for both amps. Would appreciate it if any of you peeps can have a quick scan at the specs and advise? Manual/a32p35e_manual.pdf

Thanks in advance


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