Apt-X Audio Delay?

Have you used the ES100?

  • Yes. Delay is too much for games

  • Yes. Barely any delay

  • No. But delay will be too much for games

  • No. But delay should be negligible

  • Get the FiiO BTR1 instead

  • Get something else instead (mention in reply)

  • You're stupid and I provide no suggested course of action

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Jun 13, 2018
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Hi all!

I'm looking to turn my Phillips SHP9500S headphones into a wireless set, by attaching to it a portable Bluetooth audio receiver. Now obviously I'm concerned about audio quality, and would like to use an Apt-X HD receiver. The one in particular I'm eyeing is the EarStudio ES100

But there is a problem - I want it for general use with my PC as well. Including games. But the ES100 does not support Apt-X Low Latency. Receiver will be max 1 meter away from the transmitter with unbroken line of sight. My phone (OP3T) supports Apt-X HD and not Apt-X LL. Pairing it with my SMSL B1 from said distance, the delay seems negligible. But I want to be sure it will be the same case with the ES100. Because I'm not spending $100 on something relegated to just music listening.

Has anyone had experience with the ES100? I'd like to hear from you.
If it is not workable for my needs, I might have to settle for the FiiO BTR1 which supports Apt-X Low Latency but not HD. I don't care for the mic feature of the BTR1. Have nothing that takes balanced output or AAC.

Don't worry about PC transmitter. Spending max $150 on the receiver, probably adding on an iFi iEMatch as well (the Ear Buddy won't ship to me country) Will not be getting a wireless headset. Have seen the thread on the ES100 but nothing particularly helpful for my use case.


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