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Apt-X Audio Delay?


Have you used the ES100?

  1. Yes. Delay is too much for games

  2. Yes. Barely any delay

  3. No. But delay will be too much for games

  4. No. But delay should be negligible

  5. Get the FiiO BTR1 instead

  6. Get something else instead (mention in reply)

  7. You're stupid and I provide no suggested course of action

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. huilun02
    Hi all!

    I'm looking to turn my Phillips SHP9500S headphones into a wireless set, by attaching to it a portable Bluetooth audio receiver. Now obviously I'm concerned about audio quality, and would like to use an Apt-X HD receiver. The one in particular I'm eyeing is the EarStudio ES100

    But there is a problem - I want it for general use with my PC as well. Including games. But the ES100 does not support Apt-X Low Latency. Receiver will be max 1 meter away from the transmitter with unbroken line of sight. My phone (OP3T) supports Apt-X HD and not Apt-X LL. Pairing it with my SMSL B1 from said distance, the delay seems negligible. But I want to be sure it will be the same case with the ES100. Because I'm not spending $100 on something relegated to just music listening.

    Has anyone had experience with the ES100? I'd like to hear from you.
    If it is not workable for my needs, I might have to settle for the FiiO BTR1 which supports Apt-X Low Latency but not HD. I don't care for the mic feature of the BTR1. Have nothing that takes balanced output or AAC.

    Don't worry about PC transmitter. Spending max $150 on the receiver, probably adding on an iFi iEMatch as well (the Ear Buddy won't ship to me country) Will not be getting a wireless headset. Have seen the thread on the ES100 but nothing particularly helpful for my use case.


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