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April Music Stello U3 192/24 USB Converter

Trader History (1)
  1. noway
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Converts a computer's USB output to coaxial or AES/EBU for your DAC. Lots of great reviews to read online. Many have found that even their USB DACs can benefit from adding the Stello since its asynchronous USB and galvanic isolated outputs is better than found in many DACs. Original owner. Great condition, see pics.

    Price: $US 200 Regular Paypal including shipping to confirmed Paypal address anywhere in CONUS (Canada Post/USPS)

    (If you live in Canada price is $CAN 250 Regular Paypal including Canada Post shipping to confirmed Paypal address anywhere in Canada)

    Also selling on Canuck Audio Mart where you can see my feedback:

    Includes: Stello U3, original packaging, original manual, driver CD DSCF1957.JPG DSCF1959.JPG DSCF1960.JPG DSCF1961.JPG DSCF1962.JPG
  2. noway
  3. noway
  4. noway
  5. noway
    Reduced to US$180 shipped or CAN$230 shipped, other terms the same as in original post. I won't be able to sell it any lower.
  6. noway
    Sold on another web site. Thanks for looking.

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