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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. antonyfirst
    Cheers, Dmitri!! Haha
  2. antonyfirst
    YellowBlue, I have heard the HD800 with the Eximus (but only without the filter....).... having heard the filter using Etymotic ER4S, I can agree with you with a small stretch of imagination.
    To Zohan, I think you'll like the Eximus with your HD800. You could go with even warmer sources with that headphones, but the Eximus gives the HD800 very high quality bass, as far as tonality and control go, and a nice touch in the midrange.
  3. mock-up
    US version for sale
  4. leeperry
    Humm, I have to admit that the SACD of Thriller sounds really hypnotizing on the DP-1  hugeq.gif
    Steve Hoffman said that this was the closest he had ever heard to the mastertapes and I was wondering how much truth there was to this statement.....so I've put my hands on many older releases, and it seems clear that they all went through V-shaped/wetter mixes in order to compensate for cheap equipment. The SACD is the real deal, and I'm not even a MJ fan to begin w/...hah.
    I'm also quite stunned by the SQ of the "Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz" serie, I've got the 13 volumes and they all sound equally uncolored and as clear as it gets to my ears [​IMG]
    I guess finding worthy ammunition is the biggest issue when you decide to climb up the DAC ladder. 
    Many high-end video projectors owners are willing to watch a mindless movie if the PQ stuns them enough(Fast & Furious 5 anyone?), but finding a both stunning looking and interesting movie is another matter altogether...OTOH, w/ a bit of digging in the vaults, you can find both high grade SQ and music in the same package...here's a fine example of a killer cover(it sounds a million times better on "Dancefloor Jazz Vol.7" of course ^^):

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  5. mcullinan
    Has anyone compared this to the Invicta? If so what are the differences.
  6. Neogeo333
    the 24/96 of Paul McCartney sounds wonderful.  This dac does better with better recordings.  Just got a pair of JVC DX1000 and coming out of the DP-1 is magical.
  7. BrainFood
  8. leeperry
    Did you try it again? coz the audible effect of my "Audioprism Quietline" seems VERY real  mlc2.gif
    It's very hard to describe the effect, it's basically the same as feeding a cleaner PSU...the sound is less edgy/bright, the background and the 3D SS seem far clearer and just a heck more enjoyable to listen to altogether.
    I've tried to A/B it several times, after a few days ON...this thing stays! I will now install the four other ones together w/ the fridge, computer, living room TV and so  letoii.gif
    I've been trying it on this CD that has a VERY busy SS  w/ a semi-holographic "pulp fiction'esque" guitar from time to time: http://www.amazon.com/Ravished-Bride-Kocani-Orkestar/dp/B001F0K018
    I recently saw them live, it was epic!
  9. BrainFood
    Good that it's working for you [​IMG].  I seem to have lost that Russ A one I had. 
    The ones you are using seem to cost around £200 for four, so I'll pass for now I think..
    Yet to hear any Kocani Orkestar ...
  10. leeperry
    they're $50 a pop here: http://www.elusivedisc.com/prodinfo.asp?number=AP-QUIETLS220 and maybe less if you google up harder.
    Couldn't have said it better: "At first, I wasn't sure I heard anything. So, after a few months of use I went around and pulled them all out. That was dramatic. I couldn't put them back in fast enough."
    I just added one to the fridge outlet, but I don't think I can hear much improvement....I think I even preferred w/o it tbh. I'll try to add one onto the computer next time.
    Kocani Orkestar is an acquired taste, I saw them live with Taraf de Haidouk(romanian gypsies that play like living gods), it took me some time to enjoy Konaci but I really love it now. This is what I saw live(it gets epic at 5'25 [​IMG]): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvOdjAL3Ffk
    and they also released a live CD together: http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/vb8r
  11. BrainFood
    The one you plugged near the DP-1, was it into an extension cable or are they both straight into the wall?  All my gear goes into an extension cable.  Trouble is with these type of tweaks is that they vary in effectiveness from house to house, system to system.
    Amazing. Looks like quite a concert!
    I managed to get hold of Michael Jackson- Thriller 1999 SACD remaster DFF files.  I've been comparing those files converted to WAV (with Audiogate software), to playing through Foobar with DSDIFF plugin.  Not sure which I prefer but I think Foobar is more analogue-sounding.  Going to try playing it in pure DSD through the Korg MR-1000 later, but that will mean using the Korg's CS4398 dac instead of the DP1's dac.  
  12. leeperry
    Yep, astounding concert! No more virtual files, stoned musicians, digital playback: just real music for real ppl! Too bad volume is so loud at concerts and the hall was resonating like hell, so not quite audiophile grade by a long shot...especially w/ those -30dB earplugs of mine, but these were mandatory as I'm REALLY not seeking tinnitus huh [​IMG]
    So their live CD's on the DP-1 using ortho headphones make up for a perfect compromise mixing the best of both worlds to my ears. Their music is also a very unforgiving real world test for audio equipment IME [​IMG]
    They're all fit inside extension cables indeed, on their most outer connector.
    FWIR, toroidal transformers filter the noise that goes between the power wires but these Quietline thingies clean up the noise on each of them individually...so these do a completely different job. More infos about the caps that can be found in those magical plugs: http://www.okaya.com/images/noise/1100.pdf
    I've only heard 24/88.2 digital transcodes of all those SACD's, and I really don't like how foobar sounds anyway ^^
  13. BrainFood
    hows the one by the pc performing? [​IMG]
    Anyone tried different power cables on the DP-1?  Shunyata venom 3 was being raved about here but they don't do a UK plug, nor EU I think.  I'm using an old Isotek one but I've no idea if it's any good to be honest.
  14. Neogeo333
    Listened to some Kocani Orkestar and it reminded me of some youthful memories from Los Fabulos Cadillacs.  Similar music but with vocals.  Very good spanish ska-rock band. 
    I've been using a Pangea AC-14 cable with my DP-1, if memory serve me right, not big of a difference compared to stock.  Maybe just a tad more open but nothing to write about.  Still saving for a good power regenerator.
  15. BrainFood
    Good honest reply [​IMG]
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