Applying the Invisible Shield
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Mar 4, 2006
just did it to my 5G Nano, and uh, the corners don't stick? Or do they eventually adhere to the nano and stuff? the bottom of the back piece is kinda hanging and wont stick the nano either...

Kinda wouldn't wanna ask for a replacement, it already cost me enough due to customs
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I find the Invisible Shield to be overpriced for what it is. It essentially looks to be the same material as the skin I bought from, and I only paid $7 for mine. If the IS doesn't work out for you, check out the site I mentioned, it's high quality stuff for a reasonable price.
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Read the instructions carefully. You have to wait some time for the corners to dry a little, then (when they feel like they have glue in them) you stick them to the nano.
ps: try to press the corners some time with your finger after you stick them.

ps2: sorry, didn't realize that TheBicFlic post almost the same as me

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