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Apple USB-C to 3.5mm adapter

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by phower, Nov 9, 2018.
  1. phower
  2. RobbS
    It works and it's short; but keep in mind, this thing feels super flimsy (basically the same as their included lightning > 3.5mm included with news iOS devices). I suspect that it will be problematic within a few months of regular use.
  3. Leeco
    I bought it and use it with my HTC 11 Life. It does the job, but it's kind of week. There is no way it pushes 1V... more like 10mV.

    With moderately sensitive earbuds / Meze 99 Neos, the volume is one or two steps from max. In comparison, same earbuds/headphones are 3/4 clicks from the max on my old Galaxy 6 Edge through normal headphone jack. My iPad Pro 10.5 sits around half or 2/5 to get the same volume.

    It is actually cheaper than if you buy a Google or HTC one, so that is nice.
  4. phower
    I bought it too. The volume level seems to be dependent on the actual smartphone. On my Zenfone 3, it is sufficient for IEMs. It might be possible to set the digital and analog gain if the phone is rooted.
  5. phiemon
    Is there a fix for to increase the volume level? I use the Pixel 3 and the volume is just "ok".
  6. luedriver
    just was wondering if anyone knew what dac this has?
  7. phiemon
    It has the same sound signature of the iPhone's DAC Adapter, so it must be Cirrus Logic, and it sounds a just bit better.
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  8. luedriver
    with this in mind, I googled it and found it was 46L06-CWZR Chip from Cirrus Logic


    I have been using this from my desktop pc even with stereo bookshelf speakers (old kenwood amp and jbl scs178 bookshelf speakers), it seems fine for such a small and cheap usb dongle
  9. phiemon
    … that "small and cheap usb dongle" sounds almost like the "big and expensive dap" Sony NW-ZX300; I mean, there is not such a big difference…
  10. luedriver
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  11. luedriver
  12. luedriver
    looking at pc properties, today I noticed "Signal Enhancements"


    as you can see it says it allows "extra signal processing" by the audio device

    a simple A/B testing seems like it makes the sound more seem less stereo, less separation between left and right

    this was tested probably on a mono video from youtube

    I have windows 10 pro, I don't remember seeing the option before, but mostly I just change the sample rate and bit rate, according to the music (just because, no real reason)

    does anyone know if apple has stated that it has any "extra signal processing"?
  13. The Socialist Nerd
    I am going to be upfront here. As much as I favor Apple products, I would lean towards a "better" choice here.


    This sucker actually looks way more solid and more able to drive huger ass headphones with a phat impedence.

    In any case, I am going to pick up a few of these later on to use with my iPad Pro I am getting in 1-2 weeks.
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  14. halcyon

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