apple stores got the new shuffle today
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The control switch is located on the rt side of the cable I would assume because most people are rt handed, But the only wires that travel past that point should the audio grnd and rt positive. I assume that any control lines go back down to the 4th terminal in the plug end of the cable.
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Someone told me that the controls were accomplished by changing the resistance on the TRS jack. This makes me skeptical, but could also explain why splicing the adapter would not work (using other headphones would have other Independence values?!?!)

Granted this is speculation.
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Originally Posted by sno1man /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Very early impressions

It's difficult to directly compare apples to apples
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because i dont use the apple buds with my 2nd gen shuffle and you have to with the new model. So using the new apple buds with both 2nd and 3rd gen models i do hear a different brighter sound with the 3rd gen which is more pleasing to my ears.

The hiss that was present in the 2nd gen seems to be gone in the 3rd gen as well though again until I can connect my shures to it i cant tell.

As for the remote, so far not a fan. This shuffle more than ever seems meant to be used in shuffle mode. skipping a track or going back and playing the same song again dont even seem to be possible. also there is no way to tell by feel the difference between up and down

Not impressed with voice over either. in some cases it's a whole lot louder than the music playing and can be jarring.

EDIT figured out the skip forward or backward by double or triple clicking. You have to be pretty quick and dead on the center to do it. Trying to skip forward or backword more than a handful of songs will give you repetitive motion syndrome

2nd edit- the charger dock for the 2nd gen will work to charge and sync the 3rd gen and vice versa, the cable supplied with the 3rd gen works on the 2nd gen

Sounds like this is an improvement over the 2nd Gen in terms of sound quality - - which probably wasn't too hard. I still dislike the lack of controls on the player, as many people will use a player as small as this for exercising purposes...

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