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Apple In-Ears, Any good?

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  1. ijchan223
    In my opinion , the ADDIEMs are nice but i wouldn't pay retail for it, I feel that my $20 sony IEMs sound about the same.
    usually buying from a online saves you a good bit, i wouldn't buy anything from a retail store unless it is on sale. If you have salvage stores in the area go in and look, i have found countless headphones for dirt cheap prices. Don't expect to find the rare items but i have came across a few pairs of SE315s for $30 at a local place.
  2. Bill-P
    I joined just to add something about the ADDIEMs.
    While I agree that they aren't really worth their price tag, I think they achieve a nice balance of sound quality, and can shine if the listener manages to get a good fit. Or actually, fit is very important with these. I found that a poor fit initially gave me unimpressive results, but when I finally got a good seal, these started to shine. Bass was controlled, with the right amount of punch, mid was bright rather than muddy, and high was crystal clear, but not too sibilant. But that didn't happen until 6 months after I bought the second pair. The first one had really bad mid distortion at higher volume. The second pair faired slightly better, but still not able to reach full volume on either my iPhone or my MacBook without distortion.
    I think these are a good fit for slow, and calm pop rock/r&b/jazz. But not really good enough for techno/heavy metal, and as suggested, there are better alternatives. Also the fit is really hard to get right. Without a good fit, I think they sound even worse than the stock earbuds that came with the iPhone.
  3. ZMeshign


    Do you live in the UK? May I ask which store was that from? If somewhere would still give the Shures for that price, I wouldn't waste a second on deciding to buy it.
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