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Apple In Ear or Diddy Beats??

  1. Diguero
    I lost my CLX40 pioneer and now I only have two options to buy:
     - Diddy Beats
     - Apple In Ear
    I like "SQ", with deep & controlled bass

    You which suggest and why?
    Thanks in advance
  2. kitkat12012
    diddy beats is like $170ish?
    with that budget, most people here would say that you could get better quality from other phones
    for deep bassy, the most popularly recommended are the following:  hippo vb, eterna, turbines, ddm, teknines, etc..
    if you're willing to spend the $180, go for the ddm.  if you wanna save, go with vb.  if you want flashy looking, turbines or teknines.
  3. ljokerl Contributor


    Apple in-ears are pretty nice but not quite worth the retail price and definitely not for those who like bass. If you need the remote you'd probably like the Klipsch S4i or Thinksound TS02+mic.


    Sorry but since when are the Teknines popularly recommended? They certainly can't hold their ground against the others on that list...
  4. Diguero
    I was that the DD are overvalued, but where I live are the unique purchasing options...

    The DD´s i have the option of buying them in 118

    DD or Aplle? 
    Thanks in advance..

  5. kitkat12012
    I havent read any reviews on the apple in ears, but I would guess that you could get better sound quality from companies that specialize in headphones, iems and other audio equipment :p
  6. bubsdaddy
    The Apple in Ear does not have a deep bass sound signature but rather a refined "polite" signature. While the bass is sufficient for some music I doubt you would find it enjoyable. My opinion would be in the minority in this forum when it comes to Monster Beats products by I really enjoy the Tour Beats in ear although not as much as the Monster Turbines. If the Diddy Beats are similar to the Tours then you probably would enjoy them for emphasized bass (not sure about how controlled it would be).
  7. Diguero
    Well. I actually have other options such as:

    Pioneer CLX 40
    Pioneer CLX 50 280 
    Sennheiser  280
    AKG K321
    Sony MDR EX500LP
    Bose In Ear

    But I think those selected are one step closer to the 40 CLX and within my budget...

    Best regards 

  8. Abovetheair
    Why are you limited only to those earphones?

  9. Young Spade
    If you're restricted to buying from a brick and mortar store, I highly suggest you try and do everything you can to order an IEM off of a website or something; you can get a better value; better headphones for cheaper.
  10. Diguero
    I would like to orde by Internet, but I live in Mexico, with shipping I get more expensive, I think ...............
    Best regards
  11. Abovetheair
    Not always, companies like Alessandro have free worldwide shipping. A lot of companies offer the international for about $5 such as MEE. I see what you are talking about, most of the popular brands do not offer the shipping at a low price

  12. Diguero
    oK, I am interested, do as brands I recommend with this feature and within a budget of 150? 
    Best regards
  13. mcnoiserdc
    Monster Turbines seems to do what you want. It has lots of bass which doesn't leak to the midrange.
    I also own the beats tour which has lots of bass too, but it is not so easy to get a good fit, as it requires deep insertion
  14. SoSpecial


    Got my turbbines in last week and have to say, nothing else I have even come close to how good these are for me. . . I litereally haven't used my SRH750DJ's in the last two weeks just because of how much I enjoy these Turbines. This was the best $40 I ever spent on audio and I think it's gonna stay that way.
  15. mcnoiserdc
    I was really surprised with the turbines too. I do have the dba-02 too, but the moment I put the turbines on my ears, I knew they were good. The other thing I like about them is how easy it is to put on.


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