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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by paulchiu, Jul 12, 2018.
  1. paulchiu
    Apple Homepod on the cover and reviewed by Stereophile magazine in the August 2018 issue.
    I use many of the same equipment & services the editor discussed in the article and surprised that someone in the published audiophile community shares my feelings on the Homepod. Have a look yourself....
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  2. diegopx
    I was also pleasantly surprised by the Homepod. It's not the epitome of sound quality, but for a small room I'd struggle to come up with a more pleasing compact setup. Granted you're already in their walled garden, that is.
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  3. AC-12
    I think with the new software update, it plays in stereo? Have an Apple TV so Homepod(s) may make sense soon...
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  4. lmf22
    I recently got a HomePod. The sound is not audiophile quality, but sounds great for my small apartment and I like the convenience of using my iPhone (I also have Apple Music) and Siri to control my music. I use the HomePod when I'm cooking, reading, or just for background music when I'm editing photos or browsing the internet.
  5. kazsud
    I’ve read a lot of great reviews and watched YouTube reviews that echo the same thing, which is it doesn’t quit fill the room but sounds great.

    I stopped in the downtown Philadelphia Apple store since I was already in the area. The first thing that stood out was the strong bass and that’s about it. It was soo loud in there I couldn’t make out much of the mid range or highs.

    I’m tempted to get one for my wife’s spa room but I need a better listen before putting that kinda money down just to play music in her room or the master bedroom.

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