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Apple Homepod

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by paulchiu, Jul 12, 2018.
  1. paulchiu
    Apple Homepod on the cover and reviewed by Stereophile magazine in the August 2018 issue.
    I use many of the same equipment & services the editor discussed in the article and surprised that someone in the published audiophile community shares my feelings on the Homepod. Have a look yourself....
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  2. diegopx
    I was also pleasantly surprised by the Homepod. It's not the epitome of sound quality, but for a small room I'd struggle to come up with a more pleasing compact setup. Granted you're already in their walled garden, that is.
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  3. AC-12
    I think with the new software update, it plays in stereo? Have an Apple TV so Homepod(s) may make sense soon...
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  4. lmf22
    I recently got a HomePod. The sound is not audiophile quality, but sounds great for my small apartment and I like the convenience of using my iPhone (I also have Apple Music) and Siri to control my music. I use the HomePod when I'm cooking, reading, or just for background music when I'm editing photos or browsing the internet.
  5. kazsud
    I’ve read a lot of great reviews and watched YouTube reviews that echo the same thing, which is it doesn’t quit fill the room but sounds great.

    I stopped in the downtown Philadelphia Apple store since I was already in the area. The first thing that stood out was the strong bass and that’s about it. It was soo loud in there I couldn’t make out much of the mid range or highs.

    I’m tempted to get one for my wife’s spa room but I need a better listen before putting that kinda money down just to play music in her room or the master bedroom.
  6. Jaywalk3r
    The HomePod was the first device I've ever preordered. I'd do it over again. HomePod effectively solves the problem that drove me out of home audio: as long as you don't use complete junk for equipment, the room matters much more than the equipment. Apple effectively removed the room from the sound quality equation.

    The HomePod offers mid-fi sound to everyday people who appreciate music, but live in ordinary spaces not shaped or furnished in a manner conducive to optimal room acoustics. It's straight up MLV (machine learning voodoo).

    Gifted items notwithstanding, the HomePod is the best bang for the buck proposition I've encountered in audio.

    Two things I would love to see: 1. An iOS app that serves as a "Airplay access point" so that Bluetooth devices can stream to the HomePod via an iOS device. 2. A watchOS app that provides basic transport functionality to the HomePod, no matter the device from which the HomePod is streaming. (I'm not a fan of voice interface. With people, either.) I'd buy an Apple Watch if I could get that app for it.

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