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Aug 3, 2013
So I just lost my EarPods which is a shame. I used them all the time and now I am thinking about buying a new pair. I have a pair of SE215LTDs that I don't really use. They sound great, but they are a pain to use and the cable is way too short. I am thinking about selling these and getting an upgrade from the EarPod.

These is what I like about the EarPods:

They are buds, so they don't isolate everything but the shape actually blocked out a lot of noise. I use my headphones a lot to work out in and at school so the small amount of noise "let-in" is OK and more preferred over complete isolation. They are also really easy to take in and out as opposed to the Shures.

I don't want another pair of plain buds though. Right now I'm thinking about some simple Klipsch S4s or the Bose Freestyles.

I like how the Bose design seems like an upgraded EarPod. They isolate some but not everything and look secure. The S4s are just some good headphones that are frequently recommended.

If anyone has the Bose (Freestyles or SiE2s), can you tell me how they are like the EarPods.

Also, I listen to lots of rap, so I like lots of bass and listen to it rather loudly. That's why I got the Limited Edition Shures.
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I know you said you don't want complete isolation, but I highly recommend not getting anything in the bud style as the lack of isolation greatly promotes hearing loss because you have to turn your music up louder to hear it. Good luck finding what your looking for!
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I ordered some Bose Soundsports and they should be in tomorrow. I do all my listening on my Nexus 5 which can't drive headphones for anything. It's usually past 75% volume which is around 55-65% on an iPod or iPhone

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