Apollo twin vs OBJECTIVE2+ODAC with HD800s
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Apr 19, 2014

I`m quite a newbie when it comes to headphone gear.

I had my HD650 for a couple of years and i thought i would upgrade to the HD800S after hearing them.

My question is that i have an Apollo twin for music recording and my O2.

Should i connect my HD800s to the apollo or the O2 for better sound experience? or should i get a different amp/dac? since the O2 is quite a budget option and the HD800S wont really "shine" through the O2.

Could really use some help with this or maybe your opinions.
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I'm only guessing here, because solid info on the monitor-out feature of the Apollo Twin is scant/non-existant. So, I suspect the O2 would do better as a headphone amplifier between the Apollo and the HD800. Just make certain you use the Line Out connections on the Apollo to the O2.

All that said, you seem to already recognize that there are better options for the HD800 than the O2. So, I would start saving up and do more research in the meantime. IMHO, investment in the amplifier should equal or exceed the investment in the headphone, but I build and sell headphone amplifiers, so I'm obviously biased.

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