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Apogee Duet w/Nate Breakout cable PRICE REDUCED

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  1. Aimless1 Contributor
    For Sale
    Great source or amp for a mac.
    Includes US shipping and pay pal fees.  Worldwide considered for additional cost.
  2. jeffreybowman2k
  3. Aimless1 Contributor
    A fellow head-fier gently showed me the original price is out of line.  
    Price reduced to $400 including paypal fees and shipping to U.S.
  4. Aimless1 Contributor
    Basically you get a killer d/a converter for apple products that sounds much better than it should at this price ... and it can also be used as a head amp.  With shipping (approx $10) and pay pal fees (approx $16) included, you're getting this little wonder for a paltry $374 and that includes the n_maher break out cable, a $50 = $75 value.
  5. Aimless1 Contributor
    Pictures up.
    Duet top
    Duet rear
    custom break out cable
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