aph47 amp
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the thought of using buffers with a pot attached has been brought up for low impedance cans.

using jsut opamps will nto drive high impedance cans. it may simply be the 2 chips i have, but hooking my 300ohm cans up results in nearly no sound....

my elcheapo amp actually drives them (the 300 ohm's) nicely. i have high hopes ofr a home-baked h-bridge push-pull amp....
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double post. bonus round.

the ap47 amp does actually drive the 300ohm cans that i cant seem to give away despite having one of the nicest handbraded cables ever made by a man. i think my problem was with my source. the voltage of the mp3 player is apparently not great enough unless on "maximim volume" and at that point the thing hisses. running the ap47 amp from teh line out of my cd player results in much gooder sound, and of adequate volume for my 300 ohm'ers...

im still building a push-pull h-bridge for them though.
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Originally Posted by tyre

Very nice work!
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Originally Posted by tyre

I realize the BUF634 in the virtual ground wasn't really necessary, but there seems to be some contention as to the actual output capabilities of the TLE2426, so I just threw it in anyways.

Really nice looking. How does the bottom of the thing look though? "Dr. Jekkel and Mr. Hyde"ish?

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