Apex High Fi Audio Glacier!!!

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    HI All,
    Well Pete Millett has been at it again! A new member of the Apex High Fi Audio line is now up for pre order on our website. The Apex Glacier is our newest portable headphone amplifier. It comes complete with a new and much improved 24/96 DAC. It also has an upgraded power supply over the TTVJ Slim and - if you can believe this- it is even SLIMMER! It will sell for $495 but until we start shipping (around October 1), we will sell it as a preorder for $450!
    Our remaining inventory of the TTVJ Slim is on sale for $299 - supplies are very limited so if you want one of these great amps, get it now! We also have one Butte on sale for $375! And we have one Arete on sale ($895) as well as our loaner Arete and Volcano as a package deal ($1300). If you are were looking to get any of these great amps, now is the time to buy!
    Here are some pictures of the Apex Glacier.
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