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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. kenloveme
    On the AP80 page, it says it will be shipped out in November. Usually we ship to the backers first then from the website orders. But since we can ship out a large amount of AP80 at once, yours might be in the first batch :wink:
  2. kenloveme
    Looking greaaat! the color suits well with the AP80! :D
  3. kenloveme
  4. thefallenangelx
    Hope so, as you know my long story! :)
    Thanks a lot.
  5. mono-type
    Nice. Looks like you're really pushing for early November shipment. Just make sure that the AP80 units to be shipped out have gone through strict quality control, so we backers don't receive defective units. Don't rush things when it comes to quality control. Like I said earlier, I wouldn't mind for a little delay, as long as the AP80 units to be delivered are checked well before shipping out.
  6. toear
    Yes please! Return shipping is an ultimate deal breaker/downer for me. Shipping from Canada is so expensive. I don't mind if there are minor software updates or upgrades but header issues would completely ruin it for me.... And I'm sure everyone else. :)
  7. kenloveme
    Hey guys! We will ensure that the AP80 we will be sending out to you will be the quality you are expecting! We are working hard for it! We are receiving tons of messages from you guys, and we know that you can't wait to receive it. :D
    FSTOP likes this.
  8. tronth
    @kenloveme Are you planning on distributing through local retailers in Europe or the AP 80 will be directly sold through your website?

    Btw, does the AP 80 come with any kind of screen protection?
  9. IryxBRO
    Please, locate FAQ or read any review in the first post of this threa to find an answer about screen protector
  10. archy121
    Ken, for people like me that missed out on the Kickstarter prices - any chance of Black Friday deals ?

    Also anyone placing new orders now, how much can they expect to wait for dispatch ?
  11. Charente
    I noticed that Audiophonics in France are listing it ... 7-15 days delivery quoted.
  12. XVortex
    @kenloveme Can I get most recent AP80's beta firmware, please.
    hakuzen likes this.
  13. FSTOP
    I cant remember if i asked this before, or if there was information given:
    With the Hiby software, are there custom settings for the EQ and MSEB? Can you save your own profile settings? Would really like to be able to save different EQ/sound profiles for different IEMs/HPs, or BT for car/home, etc.
    Looking forward to the AP80!
  14. notalk
    FWIW, with the HiBy Android app, you can create and save a custom EQ. (Maybe more than one, but I only saved one.)
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  15. notalk
    While Ken answered you need headphones, the reason is the headphone cord is the FM antenna. No headphone cord = no antenna = no reception.
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