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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. CactusPete23
    For me, There are probably 100 designs I'd pick before a red plaid...
    kenloveme likes this.
  2. abitdeef
    Please tell me you can still get the quick menu up by swiping down- I like to be able to get to LO/PO quickly.
  3. abitdeef

    Excellent! This solves my case dilemma, and no cheap molded plastic case either :)

    I’m sure you guys will reach 240k small daps are hot. Like on fire hot, and crunchy
  4. IryxBRO
    Yep. It is still here but need to swipe up

  5. abitdeef
    Oh no, I have a rare issue called cantaswipeupis I can only swipe down and turn left :frowning2: not right.

    Check please!
  6. ExpatinJapan
    A few familar sights and some new ones.

    5F0B91B5-E886-47D9-8811-99037FFBCEED.jpeg DA3A9125-77A6-4FB0-AAAA-C02BC7CBB242.jpeg 2A083C00-A030-4F91-8ABD-72D68A4C991B.jpeg 6AEE3F08-A1CF-4B43-BF22-530A85FFEFE9.jpeg D32E6284-8DC1-476A-8B40-5C66BCE03BAD.jpeg


    *Edited out my name on the ipod touch.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
    FSTOP, abitdeef and IryxBRO like this.
  7. abitdeef
    Any apparent sound changes in the new firmware?
  8. Vimtoman
    Except they need around 500+ more backing. better get your billboard out @abitdeef and hit the streets:)
    abitdeef likes this.
  9. abitdeef
    No need, I’ll just write them a check for 60k out of my trust fund :wink: And of course I always have Monopoly money if that check bounces .

    Worth it for that sweet case.
    kenloveme, Vimtoman and FSTOP like this.
  10. Luhar
    Give us a black camo case similar to dbrand black camo :wink: would look amazing.
    kenloveme likes this.
  11. FSTOP
    Thanks for the crunchy news, any chance of getting some chewy nougat news? (Glad to see the addition of silicone case and updated screen protector).
    kenloveme and abitdeef like this.
  12. SPLWF
    Question, being that this thing is on kick starter, if you don't meet your goal, refunds? Or?
  13. abitdeef
    Goal was met almost immediately, so things are good to roll.
    kenloveme likes this.
  14. SPLWF
    Thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to getting this. Another item that was on kick starter fell through, so I was a bit disappointed.
  15. Vimtoman
    I think this is a sure thing. No worries.
    Looks like a descent sized DAP with all the buttons and knobs in the right place.
    Plus the case looks like its going to have an arm strap which was missing in a few other DAPS releases.
    kenloveme likes this.
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