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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. kenloveme
    @silverfishla haha oh man it would look dope aha! We should probably also design a proper Scottish hat to go with it! It will definitely look even more authentic! These are super nice ideas! :D
  2. kenloveme
    @ExpatinJapan always right on time and ready to mingle with hi-fi stuff! (if you know what I mean haha :wink:), looking forward for the feedbacks! We did some improvements and tweaks about it so it could be performing better and faster with a better UX. :)
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  3. kenloveme
    @okinear @djricekcn We usually announce the firmware updates on social media and email so you will still be up to date without any problem! Also we will implement OTA updates so you won't need to download the firmware anymore and put it manually on in SD Card. Just one click and it should be done :), no worries guys! :)
  4. kenloveme
    @radiodeluxe Hi! Many thanks for backing us up! Welcome back! The pledge with the Stainless steel version for the AP80 does not come with the leather case. However you can order it without any problems :). Just like @okinear and @djricekcn mentioned, you just have to modify your pledge to HKD$1684 to get the leather case with your stainless steel AP80.
    Can you please send a private message on Kickstarter to Hidizs mentioning you are Radiodeluxe from Head-fi and that you want to have the leather case with your AP80? I will put a note on it for you :wink:. Also, you can say what is the name you want to be engraved on it? Thanks! :D
  5. Luhar
    Is there a full changelog anywhere?

    Also how exactly will color choosing work? Since red is being made now, are there a limited number of them being produced compared to black/grey?
  6. radiodeluxe

    Just did what you suggested: increased pledge and sent message on Kickstarter
  7. ExpatinJapan
    i will leave it up to @kenloveme to release the updated notes If Hidizs chooses to
  8. Vimtoman
    @IryxBRO Thanks for the review.

    I'm still waiting for any info on the fluidity of the GUI. You said you would check it out.
    Is it fast slow? does the flow of playing tracks ,selecting new tracks , resume track after shutdown, selecting next track. work well?
    I've questioned Hiby's GUI which is what this has.
    Has it been changed? does it preform faster than the R3? Slower?
    Does the new Hiby play screen work or get in the way?
    Not interested in the past models as it sounds like they are dead regarding firmware.

    So far every review I've seen is pretty much spelling out the same Shannling tech spec.
    It's like reviewers minds go blank when confronted with the task.
    I just need a hands on impression on how the thing works.
    Does it feel like its for playing music on the go?
    Do the buttons work well when in the pocket.
    Does the bluetooth skip at distance.
    Does the bluetooth sync everytime.
    Does the FM setup setup easily.

    Does ,does, does............I think there are numerous questions not answered.

    I dont agree with your comments on the "M0 feels cheap".
    I've had one of these since they come out and it's well built and the Gui is simple but works.
    I've had less software issues with the M0 than the R3 ,
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  9. ExpatinJapan
    UI see my August video here:

    This is two firmwares ago and its even more smooth and responsive

    Buttons work well in my pocket on the go.

    Bluetooth seems good but I havent checked enough multiple devices and distance.

    FM radio seems to work well.
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  10. Vimtoman
    The problems I have found on the Hiby software have been listed on the R3 page.
    I think we stopped at around 32 issues. But there were others.
    problem are only found by using the item and not just reviewing it for a few hours.
    There are major issues with bluetooth on the R3 which I have passed onto Hidizs

    Check out the resume track position after shutdown.
    Yes it shows the last track played and you can play it.
    But to change the track you'd expect to be able to swipe back into that tracks album listing?
    Wrong it goes back into the all track listing?
    Thats lazy programming.
    Multiple ways to adjust the sound? why?
    tiny back button thats impeded by a swipe down.
    why swipe up to change backlight?

    I could go on but it sort of fades into the distance as companies tend to blindly think their way of doings things is right.

    Hiby is now getting way stretched and errors in the software is showing up.
  11. kenloveme
    Crunchy news! There's a new STRETCH GOAL for reaching $240,000USD! a Silicone Protector Case and PET screen protector! Many thanks to all for supporting us and taking us that faaaaar! (and beyond!) :D

    More info on our Kickstarter page at the Update tab! :D

    stretch goal2 AP80.png
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  12. ExpatinJapan
    Well I am using the device quite often and sending feedback to Hidizs once ai have a new list.

    Their firmware updates reflect they are listening.

    True a device needs decent time to uncover bugs, nuances, performance and such - and not a few hours which is why reviews often take a while.

    I havent reviewed it yet myself. I am waiting for the final edition firmware on release.

    But betwen the people who have it there is enough information being fed to the public.
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  13. Vimtoman
    I'm sure they are listening.
    It's just whether the changes are made.
    Hiby sticks to how they want the front end to run and in my opinion its clunky.
    Adding swipe downs and ups just to do it.
    not really thinking how it's use adds to the front end . That baffles me.

    I just hope Hidizs look at it and make changes that smooths the flow of a real DAP.
    I'm not really interested at what time it is but whats playing/next.

    Most people want easy access to tracks in mainly artist/album order and to be able to go backwards and forwards between tracks.
    The same with playlists, an easy way to select/skip etc
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  14. IryxBRO

    Using it for few weeks now. Apart from reporting some minor issues and fixing it with new FW updates - AP80 works good and smooth. Haven't got a single hiccup on latest 0.08 or 0.09 betas, everything is nice and fluid even after long drowsing though folders. apps, menus, etc. We had ~9 issues list initially, now, half of those are solved by Hidizs with 0.09FW. Even DSD128 playback is here.

    Concerning the second part of your long post - you are trying to describe the ideal FW logics that would fit your expectations... Moreover, the main company in charge for such things is Hiby, not Hidizs. Hidizs utilizes their FW and submits found bugs similar to the way we submit it to Hidizs. Therefore, your expectations and ideal logics should be initially directed to Hiby company.

    Multiple ways of adjusting sound - I like it. No more swipe down. Only swipe up and everything is combined there now.
    Swipe to change backlight - why not instead of going to system menu and changing it there?

    Many people -> many perceptions -> many expectations.
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  15. Vimtoman
    How many times are you going to change the backlight? I dont think I ever have done in any DAP.

    My expectations is for it to work logically as a DAP.
    It's just a file structured media player with a few bells and whistles.
    I just want to select files to play and have the ease to change them.

    We'll see when it comes out.

    Hopefully Hidizs has some thoughtful input into the GUI.

    End of Rant :)
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