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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Luhar
    Can we see the red version with the black case on it?
    kenloveme likes this.
  2. Vimtoman
    Red looks funky @kenloveme I can see a shortage of these :)

    Are the legends etched or silk screened?
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
  3. Vimtoman
    What about folder in folders in folder :)

    I have a music folder with all the artists folders in it . I guess that equates to the same thing.
  4. abitdeef
    I hope they’re etched! The AP80 is shaping up nicely. Just LDAC and I’ll be set.

    Btw squirrels are chewing the hell out of my house as I’m typing this! Little bastard rodents, but they are cute :)
  5. kwangomango
    Is there any news on whether this player will have the option for bit-perfect output via usb?
    cazone likes this.
  6. silverfishla
    There’s a guy doing firmware mods on the Shanling M2s (apart from official releases by Shanling) and has increased the limit to 30k. If you are concerned about how that might affect play, you might want to poke around on that thread and see what those users are experiencing...
    FSTOP likes this.
  7. Vimtoman
    Some bright spark imported the grey squirrel into the UK? Kicked out the red squirrel.
    I have about 4 greys digging up my lawn right now :) Fluffy bouncing bunnies......
    abitdeef likes this.
  8. abitdeef
    We have black squirrels here now ( honestly don’t remember them as a kid ) and of course tons of grey squirrels and we put peanuts out in the back yard and watch them all rumble with the blue jays :wink: chippies are the cutest along with sugar gliders.

    Oh and of course when they need to ‘jam out’ they pull out the compact AP80- the choice of squirrels worldwide. Ha ha I’ve heard they favour NIN and Type O Negative.

    Kind of squirrelly if you ask me, ok I’m done :)

    Edit: just looked up red squirrels, wow they are so cool/cute looking! I hope the bossy greys don’t push them all out.

    Ok sorry OT by a landslide I know, but I love critters, and of course daps... like the AP80 :wink:
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
    kenloveme likes this.
  9. FSTOP
    I had a squirrel issue awhile back too. Tearing up my house, had to pay to have them trapped and relocated. Called them "tree rats" but didnt want to kill them either. Lol.
    abitdeef likes this.
  10. Vimtoman
    Trapped 20 an relocated. 20 came back
    gave up.
    Now there is a 55+ old man running out in his garden like lunatic trying to frighten them away... Ah thats me :)
    Hopefully with an AP80 and headphones on.
    FSTOP, abitdeef and j4100 like this.
  11. abitdeef

    Well here in the northeastern US they really don’t have any predators now that wolves are gone and foxes are very scarce. The predators were hunted into near extinction for their pelts and fear, but hardly anyone wants a squirrel coat or favours their meat.

    So like deer, they’re are lots and lots of squirrels around, chewing on my shutters atm it sounds like :) The balance of nature equation doesn’t work so well with humans in it.

    Hey at least I have this going for me where I reside

    FSTOP and Vimtoman like this.
  12. Zachik
    I am wishing for the same - most likely gonna be my choice...
    kenloveme likes this.
  13. okinear
    Then... why not a set of pics for the 6 combinations? :wink:
    kenloveme likes this.
  14. Ashish100
    Red looks great. I believe blue from previous post also looked dope!!
    I just hope blue also included as option
    BetterLate and kenloveme like this.
  15. Ashish100
    For ap80, the screen quality is great even if it does not beat some of the other DAP's screen.

    For the size if I would like to use it for running and exercise. I wwoul be much happier if the ap80 puts that habit into me!!
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
    kenloveme likes this.
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