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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Luhar
    Is the video up? :)
  2. Zachik
    Did you compare to HiBy R3 and/or Shanling M0 ?
  3. FSTOP
    Thanks for answering this question honestly. I had asked the same question earlier, as i hoped to use a 400gb card in the ap80. I have 25k songs on one card (256gb) already. Will a card with more than 15k still work, or exactly how does the "limit" respond in use?
    Maybe i should go with several smaller cards then to rotate?
    I have 10k or so CDs ripped to flac, so 20k songs is nothing. :wink:
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  4. AndySocial
    I'm sure there's some programming-based reason for the limited file capacity, but the ability to use ever-larger SD cards would seem to imply that the file cap should be re-engineered to match. On my AP60II, I've got a mixture of MP3 and FLAC music and MP3 podcasts, and I fill about half of a 64 GB card with over 6000 files. That same ratio on a 400 GB card could lead to well over 50,000 tracks. And many of the newer devices claim to be capable of handling the future 1 TB cards that Sandisk and others have been promising. When we have massive cards, but can only use 15-20 percent of their capacity due to file caps, why bother supporting the larger cards?
  5. djricekcn
    this is my first time hearing of this company...i made a pledge but how reliable is Hidisz from the previous two campaigns including promised delivery time? How are they as a company on the retail-side (non campaign / in-store selling) and how is their after service? Has anyone had any bad experiences with this company and can the details be described on why it was bad / how it was handled?

    I also am thinking about the headphone's on the campaign but how are they over all? For in-ear, I personally use XBA-Z5 with the NW-ZX2 for most part
  6. kenloveme
    @cleg Gorgeous pictures! Nice work! :D
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  7. cleg
    yes :)

    yes :)

  8. IryxBRO
    Me, personally, have a good experience to describe. I've always got my orders on time and all products that I own currently are working, even AP100 which was released >4 years ago. There are some minor bugs existing in FW of recent DAPs based on HibyOS and this, as I undertsand, should be addressed to Hiby by Hidizs. Still, those DAPs work good, have excellent SQ and are reliable in terms of physical use. Moreover, I've managed to setup a good communication process between myself and Hidizs officials and always got answers to my questions. IMO
    P.S. All my questions to FiiO and Shanling were left unanswered for a long time....
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
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  9. ExpatinJapan

    Screen brightness at 100%
  10. FSTOP
    Exactly - s
    Exactly - so the file cap negates the use of larger cards.
    Of course, i understand that extremely HiRes files are much bigger, but the majority of users are going to have a mixture of files/sizes.
    Im wondering if there is any way of getting around the file cap to make is usable? Such as multiple folders, and only accessing one folder at a time (almost as in partioning). Does the player have a way to direct the folder access, or just automatically find all files that the player can use that are on the card?
    Im guessing that the processor power/speed is the major limiting factor in the file cap, as too many files woyld just bog it down. Which is why the ability to only access a folder at a time would be highly useful /advisable.
    But its a shame that a large card is basically not useable otherwise...
  11. Vimtoman
    AP80 looks a bit yellow.
    @kenloveme is there any chance the color temp could be adjusted prior release?
  12. kenloveme
    @FSTOP I think it shouldn't be a problem if you arrange all your songs in different folders so it doesn't exceed 15k songs in a single folder :)
  13. kenloveme
    @Vimtoman Tbh, I think the picture quality is a bit weird. I don't know the circumstances or settings for taking the picture but on my end, the quality is better, (please no judgements on my music tastes. it is just a test haha) :

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
  14. kenloveme
    Btw, we have some new nice pictures from the Red colored AP80 along with the bros! :D:

    ap80-design.jpg ap80-design2.jpg ap80-red2.jpg ap80-red3.jpg
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  15. AndySocial
    Does the database/category mode have a file limit? I know that file limits in folder mode is pretty much a non-issue, since that's just an OS thing and it's a bit silly to ponder a single directory with 20,000 songs in it.
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