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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Hopefully, with Hiby no longer doing sw/fw for FiiO and Shanling and their R6/R3 releases out of the way, they will have more resources with a better focus on their own and Hidizs fw support. And, btw, Ken been with Hidizs for awhile; i remember receiving emails from him at least from a year ago (unless they hired another Ken :D).
  2. xuyiguanyinsi
    The things I heard is that Hiby right now is really focused on their own products and the Hiby OS. They are going to have a big keynote presentation on Sep 1st. This is a really good thing about the AP80.
    Here is the link from their Chinese social media. https://weibo.com/6190468063/GwiCex...&mod=weibotime&type=comment#_rnd1535558575950
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  3. xuyiguanyinsi
    You are right now about the AP60, AP60 Pro and AP200 are Hiby software part. But I don't think that's the same Hiby OS as it called on AP80. AP80 and Hiby R3 have the really Hiby OS, the OS that Hiby is constantly will be working on. I already saw the AP80 and R3 on Hiby Sep 1st Hiby OS event's marketing material. There is no sign of the old models from Hidizs. I assume only the AP80 will be consistently updated.
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  4. CactusPete23
    Hope you are right that it gets updated. Sad if the others have been orphaned so soon.
  5. IryxBRO
    AP200 is pretty different. As it is based not on Hiby Linux OS but on pure Android + HibyMusic player. Android is much more harder to tweak in terms of sound... AP60 series seem to also run Hiby OS based on Linux... Therefore, I would say that AP60 series + AP80 is at one side and AP200 is on the other in terms of further development of FW.

    Why nobody talks about AP100? This is a great DAP with 73 incremental FW upgrades released by Hidizs in two years from the initial launch. This was splendid support with new FW tweaks and functions coming each week... :)
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  6. silverfishla
    No, no, no. You can't answer concerns about abandoning recent player's firmware by referring to one player that they did support correctly. By doing this, you disregard the fair frustration that these customers are feeling for spending hard earned cash on promises that may or may not ever be fulfilled. If Hidizs is willing to address the issues that we customers have about Tecnically supporting the AP60, AP60 Pro and the AP200, it would go a long long way towards customer loyalty.
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  7. IryxBRO
    I agree that there should be appropriate support. I also waiting the next upgrades for AP60 series and AP200. I am just saying that Hidizs does have very good example of efforts spent to support previous product.

    I am personally waiting that AP80 would be supported well as it happended once with AP100. And I still believe that there would be further AP200 and AP60 series support. I like both players very much and I also want it to be perfect.
  8. CactusPete23
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  9. Dobrescu George
    I'll surely do comparisons with R3 after it reaches me :)

    I am using a Xioaomi Mi Max 2 as my daily smartphone. I had Lg V30, but sold it, really poor overal experience for me. I am used to the almost 3 times the battery that Mi Max 2 has, as well as Mi Max 2's size, compared to which, V30 was really tiny. The sound was much better on V30, for sure, also louder, but I couldn't make peace with using that as a smartphone.
  10. IryxBRO
    Ha-ha... Sad but true :)
  11. Dobrescu George
    Thank you :)

    Right now I'd say you're on the right track

    It works. It simply works :)

    There is almost nothing to complain about with AP80, and that says a lot. For a tiny thing with a lot of powah, a loud but clear and undistorted sound, with a nice software support, stable, I can't say I could ask for more. The build quality is also rock-solid. This one and the Sonata HD cable thingy are both really good HIDIZS products :)
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  12. abitdeef
    Hey can you lucky ducky guys that have AP80 test the standby mode? I really like having to not have to turn my dap off all the time.

    I think (hopefully) the unit headphonics got is faulty. And lyrxBRO they agree with your assement that AP80 sounds better than M0 :wink: I’m pretty stoked for AP80 :)
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  13. Vimtoman
    What about the flow of the GUI?
  14. Dobrescu George
    As fast as a mini DAP goes. Don't expect smartphone speeds, but it is quick enough to not annoy you in the slightest.
  15. titanquests69
    Hello everyone, new backer here.

    This might be a bit of a stretch, but will there be support for audiobooks? Like the audiobook players with quick 15s rewind and forward or any audiobook player feature? Can't wait to get my hands on this!
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