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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. kenloveme
    @Vimtoman Good suggestion! I will check with the engineers and see if we can do that in the future! :) Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Dizzle77
    Backer 110 here.
    Any idea if the gesture controls of the Sony 1000MX headphones will work with the AP80 whilst connected via BT?
  3. oliwek2
    It must be a hell of a FM radio, as Hidizs PR informs us that FM is upgraded in high res' audio, LOL
    Jocking aside, I'm in. And appreciate that there is FM radio on the device, it's still usefull for a few years, even in european countries with DAB.
    I had sweared not to crowdfund Hidizs anymore, after AP200 dissapointing firmware development though... (many Mojo owners are rather bitter about this).
    Let's see if Hidizs dissapears after the end of the campaign, this time.

    I hope you can give your opinion after recieving the R3.

    Do you use an audiophile smartphone (such as LG V10/V20/V30) ?
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
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  4. kenloveme
    @Dizzle77 Yes! The gesture controls are working! We've tested it out with these Sony headphones :)
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  5. oliwek2
    reading Headfonics review : what about the standby time ?
    Do people with the device experience the same issue ?

    Standby time is terrible on my unit and I can’t say for sure if something is wrong with it or not. They quote 35 day standby time and I can’t seem to get through one sleep cycle. I can’t let it sit overnight on pause and shut the screen off without needing a full recharge the next morning.
  6. IryxBRO
    Haven't noticed unexpected battery drain running 0.08beta FW. I would leave AP80 unit ON overnight to check again and reply.
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  7. CactusPete23
    Hey Ken, Please Pass this on to Hidizs Tech and Marketing Folks.
    I am the current owner of an AP60, and an AP60 PRO, and an AP200. All have pretty good sound. However, IF Hidizs is recording any comments, ideas for firmware improvement; Hidizs is Unfortunately Not sending out any new/updated firmware. It is like you have stopped all work on those devices after you sold them. This is very disappointing to a buyer. And it is the biggest reason that prevents me from considering the AP80. Your history of firmware support really upsets me. I am also upset that several people are reporting that the AP60, and AP60 PRO, and maybe the AP200 do NOT seem to be able to send/receive APTx . Being an important feature for many, I would like to see HIDIZS formally comment on whether APTx actually is working on those devices; and explain why many seem to report that it is Not Working. Concern is whether APTx or LDAC will really be included in the AP80? Or just never followed up on with firmware updates.
  8. Zachik
    +1 for blue, as this is the color I really want!!
    Grey is boring - need some fun colors for those cool DAPs :wink:
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  9. abitdeef

    Yes this scares mea bit. I still don’t know if the R3 has LDAC support yet. You have to have firmware support after product launch nowadays because they are released with bugs and with missing features.

    Looks like you have some nice players hidiz, but without support it’s like an incomplete product. Unless your Sony who usually has everything buttoned up after one firmware release.

    Well especially since you seem to have a real little gem with AP80, it would be a shame to not have it reach its full potential.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  10. xuyiguanyinsi
    Hiby R3 already got the LDAC support. What I have heard is it takes some time to apply this from Sony. It takes Hiby about three months to get it. I think the same thing will happen to AP80.
    Here is the post from Hiby: https://www.facebook.com/hibycom/po...3dFtEU2vSYYHqt9w2M80qb3mrCm7u1vNcYk&__tn__=-R
    "The latest update of R3 is available, you can update it through OTA

    1.Added LDAC bidirectional support over Bluetooth.
    2.Added portal function,USB input(output)⇄R3⇄Bluetooth input(output).
    3.Added playlist import and export funtion.
    4.Added screen saver setting function.
    5.Added sleep shutdown function when pull down shortcut menu.
    6.Added DSD gain compensation function.
    7.Improved USB output compatibility.
    8.Added output indicator display for corresponding sampling rate.
    9.Added memory function of the volume adjustment over Bluetooth device.
    10.Fixed some known bugs."
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  11. Vimtoman
    R3 has LDAC now. Seeming that Hiby's software is on the Hidizs AP80 an it's pretty close port. Updates would closely follow?
  12. abitdeef
    Well that’s reassuring, I sure hope AP80 gets LDAC soon, then it will be perfect for me. Glad to hear about R3- sold mine because I actually preferred the M0’s sound over it for an ultra portable dap.
  13. abitdeef
    Good point, I’m probably worrying for nothing. :)
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  14. TheRH
    The AP80 is also a simpler player in that there not as many complex features sets going on. This said development will be a but more rapid than that of the R3.
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  15. CactusPete23
    Perhaps you are correct.
    - Yet the R3 is a HIBY Product so it gets direct Hiby Support.
    - I am pretty sure that the AP60, AP60 Pro, and AP200 all use HIBY software.; And firmware support for them has all but disappeared. The only firmware update for the AP60Pro was defective, and everyone had to go back to original version. The AP60Pro is only a couple months old, but HIDIZS has been dead silent about any firmware upgrades, and dead silent about any future support/fixes for known problems. The AP60Pro is as "simple", or simpler than the AP80... The AP200 should be similar to the HIBY R6 software-wise... i.e. Android based, with WIFI.
    - It's just not a very good track record of support. @kenloveme has a chance to help change that, but he will need tech amd marketing folks support at HIDIZS to do that.

    Just trying to make sure that Ken knows about HIDIZS history of support. And want the best support for all the Hidizs Models.
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