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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Zachik
    Wouldn't that make the M0 to have sharp notes? :wink:
    Yeah - I already have the red M0 as well, and joined AP80 campaign (would be my first Hidizs). Red M0 is sexy as hell. Still debating AP80 color... Maybe the blue...
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  2. abitdeef

    My first Hidiz too!
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  3. Luhar
    Backer #59 for the AP80
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  4. twister6 Contributor
    I'm a sucker for small audio gadgets :) Not ready to judge the sound yet, but based on a design I love both (AP80 and M0) of these DAPs, and also lotoo Pico.
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  5. acroyear
    Does anyone know if the Ap80 is more powerful than the Hiby R6 (single ended)? I've tried to research this myself but I can't seem to find vRMS specs for the R6. Just slightly more powerful would be enough, so any input would be appreciated.
  6. Koolpep
    I am backer 39 and hope that this Hidizs (I have the AP100 and AP60Pro) will get better firmware support thanks to hiby OS. The AP60Pro is still running on a usable but not great beta that was only followed up by an unusable beta later on, which let to the rerelease of the previous beta for the unlucky ones who upgraded. My private question to @kenloveme about a stable release remains unanswered. :frowning2:

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  7. ExpatinJapan
    Time to weigh in with the feedback updates I have sent to Hidizs in a bid towards transparancy.

    All in the best interest that they have a chance to improve on the final product before delivery.

    So far I have recieved two beta firmware updates that have improved things. Most of my feedback is firmware related.

    I wrote a small piece on my blog of early impressions but will reserve my final review write up for when the finished product is ready to ship. Its too early now whilst people are buying blind on pretty pictures, websites and the information from the lucky few reviewers: nothing like having a device in hand.

    Make no mistake. I do think this dap is fairly well complete as is. It just needs a few more tweaks under the hood, and the volume wheel.

    My role as I see it is to inform, not to hype.



    Feedback (early/first)

    Its a fairly responsive ui as i showed off in the video
    (EDIT: UI is now more responsive faster with 0.08 beta FW)

    I am still exploring the sound. Seems good so far. Towards neutral.
    (EDIT: seems a tad bit brighter into 0.08).

    Exiting to the main menu can be confusing at times.
    (EDIT: seems one has to exit the Hiby player to go to the main menu).
    (EDIT two: !!! "IryxBRO, post: 14451364 “There is an option for that - you press Hidizs logo at the left top of music app to go to main screen without exiting app. Music stays playing and you at main screen”

    Exiting to main menu cuts off the music. Please change this.(EDIT: Fixed: see above).

    EQ works but isnt so strong, thats ok.
    I like it better that way (even though I myself dont use EQ).

    MSEB settings buttons seem a but laggy and unresponsive. Also quite small buttons.
    (EDIT: font can be changed. S/M/L. After FW 0.08 beta - Even the smallest setting is responsive now- I only tried the small font under fw 0.07 when I gave feedback)

    The volume control wheel is a bit small but too late for that now.
    (EDIT: maybe not?)

    But the drag up menu -
    Small( -is great for adjusting volume).

    Main volume slider on the screen when using the volume wheel disappears too fast.

    I havent tested bluetooth.(EDIT: seems fine but havent tried many codex)

    It worked easily with DH1000 - i havent tried any other devices (tried the audirect Beam no problems) - with cables. Instant connection

    Feedback email 2.

    Also the radio needs to search at 0.05 not by tens.

    Feedback 3

    I see LDAC is coming. Good.

    Does it come with a screen protector on?
    I tried putting the on the one from the box. It wasnt a perfect fit on the curved edges.
    (EDIT: Some say theirs came with protectors on? I cant tell on mine. Maybe not).

    Also the volume wheel top circumference needs some um roughness/texture to it, now its too smooth. I need two fingers to turn it.
    Indentations etc cross hatching (i cant think of the right word).
    See photo:

    I might have some grain in the far low end sound. I need to recheck it wasnt my earphones or the track. (Firmware 0.07)

    *i am enjoying it. (EDIT: jury is out after last 0.08 update. Need more listening time. A bit brighter, vocals a tad too forward).



    In closing its a great, even excellent sub $150 dap.

    Quite a surprise what is coming out these days: daps, dacs and earphones.

    I look forward to further FW updates and other tweaks as we move forward.

    Enjoying it as we speak on my commute with Campfire Audio Atlas.

    Beautiful screen.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  8. kenloveme
    @Dobrescu George @ExpatinJapan @twister6, also not forgetting about @IryxBRO Great insight and concise review from you! We are taking notes of all the feedbacks! We will see what we can do to improve the AP80 before shipping it to you! Many thanks for helping us making the AP80 greater! :D
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  9. kenloveme
    @deewy Thanks for joining the AP80 sect! (just kidding) Thanks for supporting us! :D
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  10. Kervsky
    Sounds like a good device already but any improvements will only make it better. Hopefully the volume knob gets a knurled finish to have more traction for one hand use. As it is in pictures, the outer edge area is smooth.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
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  11. okinear
    Thanks indeed for the early reviews!

    Wondering how you plan to improve the hardware of the units already under production?!?!
    At least the firmware can be updated :thumbsup:
  12. TheRH
    @kenloveme Does the AP80 have a song maximum like the Hiby R3? I know the Hiby R3 has a maximum of 20,000 songs.
  13. IryxBRO
    There is an option for that - you press Hidizs logo at the left top of music app to go to main screen without exiting app. Music stays playing and you are at main screen

    Agree but only partially - sometimes, when doing something fast even such small amount of time is very irritating. The best way would be having a dedicated menu option for that (on screen volume interval)

    Also tested with DH1000 - works with no issues. People were asking whether the volume is fixed - no, it can be changed from AP80. This is for later improvements....

    Mine came with front and back side protectors. Back one is perfect but easy to scratch.

    My opinion is that this wouldn't work either until volume knob would be less tight... Maybe, I am wrong...

    Didn't notice that in either 0.07 or 0.08
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  14. ExpatinJapan
    1). Thanks. Was that like in 0.07?
    Working now. I wiil add an Edit to my post.

    2).Seems to last slightly longer after FW 0.08

    Thank you :wink:
  15. IryxBRO
    It was the same in 0.07 as I remember
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