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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. IryxBRO
    System??? It doesn't eat your external microSD... System files are stored on the different drive which you don't have the access to. Your microSD is purely for music.
  2. okinear
    Since the AP80 does not have any internal storage, I thought that both linux HiBy OS and music would have to be stored on the external SD card thus sharing the space...
    Ok, the microSD card is purely for the music files!
  3. IryxBRO
    There is a system drive in AP80 but is not visible for a user. All system files are stored there. The only thing that you use microSD card for apart from music - is placing .upt file if there is an update. Maybe, some user playlists and profiles are also stored on external card but it would consume very small space...
  4. Vimtoman
    I had the Cowon and if your looking for the same Bass capability then look else where :wink:
    SQ wise you'll need someone else to answer.
  5. bobsherman
    Is the EQ parametric? How many bands does i have? TIA
  6. IryxBRO
    • EQ: 10band, +/-12dB, 8 presets
    I wouldn't call it parametric comapring to studio equipment or DAW plugins, but more than simple Low, Mid, High levels. No control over bandwidth or ratio of center frequency to bandwidth.
  7. bobsherman
    Thank you. Parametric would be beneficial for use with iSines etc. Too bad there is no way to use Android add on applications.
  8. aramico
    my 1st pledge on KS (#750), Now the wait begins, would be paring it with T2 and FH5.
    TheRH likes this.
  9. okinear
    My 5V/3A power supply is for a nanocomputer, not to charge an USB device.
    Had a look an ebay for USB chargers... tooons of them... Might end up with a QC3.0+2.4A unit!
  10. chortya
    I have now also pledged. Looking forward to test against Shanling M0 myself :wink: Thanks @ItyxBRO for great review.
    I use M0 pretty exclusively as LDAC transport for my Huawei P20Pro. It actually sounds pretty good with Beyerdynamic Xelento which are quite sensitive and help detect hiss everywere :) Shanling passes the "hiss test". I still like the soind out of LG G7 better but I don't like having 2 smartphones. Huawei ist just far more superior in camera and screen (sorry for offtop). Maybe this will change with LG V40, let's see. And having dedicated DAP is somehow different.

    So LDAC support is a must for me, good to read that it's on a way.

    Would be also interesting to read Hiby R3 vs AP80 comparison. Also how would AP position against Shanling M5s? I assume different class?
  11. Jacktaris
    Hi, is it possible to use phone as a music source and connect to AP80 wirelessly through Bluetooth , and headphones to AP80?
    In other words,
    phone(spotify) bluetooth --> AP80 --> iem
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  12. xuyiguanyinsi
    From what I have learned, AP80 can do this. @kenloveme can confirm it.
  13. chatnever
    I heard that AP80 could be used as a Bluetooth DAC for iPhone, is that right?
  14. IryxBRO
    Yep, different, higher league
  15. chortya
    At least this is possible with Shanling M0 and Hiby R3. And as bi-directional Bluetooth connectivity including LDAC support has been confirmed I would assume same will be implemented with AP80.
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