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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. lukito09
    Im planning to use this with IMR R1, I am on the verge of getting this or hiby R3 I need someone to do a detail comparison with hiby R3. One of the reason I dont go for hiby r3 is coz of the cost, and from the review by a youtuber he mentions he likes the sounds of ap80 better comapre to hiby R3, but no detailed compariosn yet.
  2. xuyiguanyinsi
    The price matters very much
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  3. FunctionalDoc
    TIN Audio T2 and TRN V80 2 great multiple CHI-FI IEM's that are less then $50 .
    Check out fellow Head-Fi reviewer :
  4. IryxBRO
    Yes, as stated in the review (post 3 of this thread). Screen protector and back glass panel protector + 1 extra screen protector
  5. Chrisrd
    That's awesome, sorry for not realizing it has been answered already.
  6. ukie
    Very intrigued by this unit.

    Any ideas how it compare with the plenue D? On paper, this one has better screen, volume control knob, Bluetooth. And the cowon has waaay better battery life.

    But what about the SQ?
  7. IryxBRO
    Finished testing AP80 with several IEMs:


    Tested with Hidizs Seeds, Dawnwood ST08, Hidizs EP-3, KZ ED16.

    1. Hidizs Seeds are the best choice without a doubt - they are playing soft, with lots of details throughout the whole range, have good dynamics and linear AFR. But they are the most expensive one as well.


    2. Dawnwood ST08 are good as well. Some small signs of HF sibilance and a bit less bass presence. Same in terms of details and overall linearity.


    3. Hidizs EP-3 cannot compete with the higher segment. They cost only $25 and it is apparent. More moody, more straightforward, less details, more vocal presence at the front and hiding other distant instruments. Sibilances are more pronounced.


    4. KZ ED16. Very bad IEMs for $16 and waste of money - too bright, √-shaped, lots of noise cause of extreme highs presence...



    MSEB function in AP80 really does some magic: I've managed to make KZ ED16 work so that there is no headache anymore and they are very funny to listen. Instead of √-shape I've got almost perfect V-shape with extraodinary amount of details in lows and highs due to armature drivers. I've dialed Warmth to max (+20), HF sibilance to min (-20) and Air to Soft (-13). Now KZ ED16 can serve its function well and even outperform all other rivals in terms of detail crispness and amount of well controlled lows. Not linear though, would bring much of colorization but usable and very amusing.

    Moreover, I've tuned Dawnwood ST08 a bit, adding a bit of bass and bass texture. Now they sound almost as good as Seeds.

    Another great function of MSEB settings in AP80 is the ability to save and load your own profiles with names... So, I've created several profiles that can be loaded when certain IEMs are connected.

    Still, the best sound for me is no MSEB, no EQ + Audio-Technika ATH-M50 :) I've spent so long with full-sized monitor headphones...

    If my ATH-M50 would be stolen, I would be using AP80 with (in regression) Hidizs Seeds (no MSEB) -> Dawnwood ST08 (little MSEB) -> KZ ED16 (MSEB heavy tuning) -> Hidizs EP-3 (maybe some MSEB).
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
  8. silverfishla
    I have both of these Iems and can say that they are both very very good. Blows my mind what's being offered for $25-50 these days. Going to get a couple of each for the Ali sale tomorrow for Christmas gifts for friends. Love both of them.
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  9. IryxBRO
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
  10. lukito09
    Indeed haha, that is why im considering this
  11. abitdeef
    Now the waiting begins, I do miss the days when new gear came out you could go right to the electronics store and purchase it.
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  12. Dobrescu George

    Agreed, if this is true, this is one heck of a separation, can't wait to hea what it is all about. Should be here in a few hours :)
  13. okinear
    Following the question/request to disable the step counter in order to save the battery... It's not clear to me if it's possible to disable bluetooth, or even the whole wireless stuff, in order to decrease the battery usage when simply listening to music from the SD card?!?!
  14. cazone
    Can the AP80 (like the AP60) be used as a digital transport when connected to an external DAC, such as a Chord Mojo?

    If yes, is the digital out fixed ?
  15. ExpatinJapan
    B039F4FF-D89F-42BD-9FB8-1EFBCD3D96FC.jpeg ED38BE51-8385-4902-9BE1-A08D94F67454.jpeg @cazone

    Digital fixed? Do you meant volume only responds on the dac? I would have to check.

    -it works and connects easily. I can say that much.
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