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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. OmniscientNihilist
    not saying mistake, im saying your hoarding files if you own files you dont like.

    you and your wifes collection should be separate, and only contain files each of you likes

    then you will shrink the size down and not need playlists

    its just as easy to do the work to delete the files you dont like as it is to make a playlist. either way your picking out the ones u like

    thats work that needs to be done no matter what, in order to increase listening enjoyment, so myswell get all that crap off your hard drive
  2. headfirst
    Okay, surely THIS is a joke... obviously he and his wife can enjoy having their music in the same collection if they want to.

    If you’re not joking, then... wow.
    AndySocial likes this.
  3. OmniscientNihilist
    its not about wants, its about solutions. he already confessed two problems:
    1- having to create and use playlists
    2- not being able to fit music onto sd card

    both issues are caused by the same thing. saving every single song by a band and not deleting the ones u dont like

    if that method is truly better then i would like to know why, then i would switch to it myself
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  4. FSTOP
    Your words are judgmental, insulting, and ridiculous. (But, YOU already KNEW THAT). Your solution may work for you as your palate is less evolved.
    AndySocial has always been helpful to me and others on this forum, going out of his way to spend his time coming up with solutions that may be beneficial.
    Your handle tells us all we need to know, but its not succinct enough. 1. You should shorten it, to just A*hole.
    2. Work on your song library even harder. Narrow it down further, to one song that can be played on Repeat. (might i suggest "The Asshole Song" by Jude. But, there are many others).
    3. Go away. So you are not here, or anywhere.
  5. AndySocial
    Those are not problems. Choosing to use playlists is because I like certain songs played together, and not randomly or by selecting each one in the silence after the one song I previously selected is done playing. You know, like a radio that doesn't need constant attention but just plays music. Or, in my youth, I would place a stack of 45 RPM singles on a spindle and let them play in the order I chose.

    It sounds like you think I want to listen to the exact same sequence of songs every day, or just randomly play everything at once. I don't judge how you play music, but that sounds like chaos or a lot of effort to futz with the controls for every single song. I'll stick with what has worked for me for forty years.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  6. riverred105
    Then quit talking to him! He has 8 posts. The reaction to him is why he has kept posting.
  7. OmniscientNihilist
    using the playlist to avoid having to manually select them. good idea, but why are those songs not in the same folder in the first place? or desired to be played together?

    i just realized that shuffle + play through folders on the ap80 does not work as i expected it too. its not jumping around through the sub folders for each shuffled track the way i thought it would. they would have to add an extra tick box of: (do you want shuffle to play through sub folders per track yes or no) its only shuffling within the folder and then i would guess playing through the folder after every track has been played. so that means i would have to either use playlists or tags to hear songs in a different order then i arranged folder wise (other then using standard shuffle mode within one individual folder i created)
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  8. OmniscientNihilist
    or maybe u just don't like me, and therefore see things that way.

    if you want to understand me then google: INTJ, that is my rare (2.1% of total pop.) genetic personality type, which i was born with, and which often causes people to misunderstand me and pre-emptively judge me as a know it all a-hole

    actually i just added INTJ to my PF page.

    you need to realize that as an INTJ i often turn talks into debates and play with abstraction for fun with no necessary practical reason behind it lol
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  9. AndySocial
    Why are songs not in the same folder? Because I don't ALWAYS want to listen to them in one sequence. I sometimes want to listen to a bunch of Prince, and other times I want to listen to a bunch of songs from 1986, and other times I want to listen to funk from across the decades. Putting one "playlist" of songs into a specific folder is unnecessarily restrictive, and assumes that I only ever want to hear songs in one sequence forever. Again, this is not in any way how I've ever interacted with music.
  10. OmniscientNihilist
    i guess tags are too limiting. ap80 only have artist and genre but not year. and no ability to combine tags together. so playlists would be needed to go beyond the tag sorting, or using shuffle within tag sorting.

    those tag limitations could be overcome if hidizs broadened the tag options. have more tags and also some type of tag STACKING ability.

    for example stack a pop genre tag with a 1980's decade tag in order for the player to find every 80's pop song on the entire sd card despite being sorted differently folder wise.

    poeple would also have to make sure all their tags in files were set properly
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  11. AndySocial
    I miss the dynamic playlist abilities of the Rio line, particularly the Karma. I could have it put together a mix of songs that I'd rated highly but hadn't listened to lately, or songs of the 1980s, or a variety of other automatic creations. Nobody seems to have that sort of interest in acting like a true "smart DJ" in the current market. The sound quality may be better, but the user interfaces have been given very short shrift.
  12. OmniscientNihilist
    ap80 specs says it puts out up to 40kHz frequency response out the headphone port. so since frequency response is always half of sample rate does that mean putting any files higher then 80kHz sample rate is a waste of space?

    i already assumed this and downscaled all of my 192kHz flacs to 96kHz in audacity

    also i noticed when i did that the bitrates dropped. so there must be some relationship between sample rate and bitrate?? like there is between sample rate and frequency response(always half of sample rate)
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  13. twister6 Contributor
    *facepalm* please, google the meaning of frequency response and sampling rate. Those are two different and completely unrelated things... and I hope you saved your original 192kHz flacs without over-writing them when you downsampled it... Unless, your post is just a joke?
    AndySocial likes this.
  14. OmniscientNihilist
    well i noticed when i scanned audio files into SPEK the frequency response was always about half the sample rate. for example CD sample rate is 44kHz and the frequency response shows about 22kHz. i noticed the same thing for 96kHz sample rate would always show around 48kHz frequency response. so i googled it and i found some information confirming that the frequency response will always be half the sample rate

    i also noticed the bitrate would drop when i would lower the sample rate, so im curious as to that relationship.

    why are the frequency response and bitrates tied to the sample rate? why cant they be controlled individually. and does it matter that they cant be?

    im not looking to get a PHD in audio engineering, im just looking for enough information to help me maximize by personal benefits.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  15. Test222
    What do you guys think will happen when AP80 Pro is released?
    a) Both AP80 and AP80 Pro cost the same
    b) AP80 price doesn't change, AP80 Pro costs more
    c) AP80 price drops, AP80 Pro gets the previous non-pro price tag
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