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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. cazone

    tried the AP80 as a dac on my MacBook Pro. Works flawless.

    And also as a transport for the Mojo.
    The Mojo was connected with the supplied short OTG cable to the AP80 in USB "Audio" mode.

    Everything works fine there too.
    To my surprise the volume control of the AP80 has no effect.
    The volume is only controlled by the Mojo (as it should be).

    To answer your question,
    I hoped the digital-out would be fixed because I hoped the digital stream would bypass the dac section.
    (I suppose the gain should either be applied in or after the dac section. Not knowing the AP80s layout).
  2. titanquests69
    Is the hardware (faulty buttons/scroll wheel) lottery issue that bad? I'm bothered by the amount of units with faulty hardware. Contemplating on selling the unit when it arrives and buy an M6 instead. Though, I would much prefer the AP80 over the M6 without the hardware issues.
  3. oliwek2
    I had no problem with mine, but I have little trust in the volume control wheel durability, it seems really fragile. Still, sound quality-price ratio is excellent.
    But sad, because I still have a stainless steel AP200 that's built like a tank (except for the screen of course). It just lacks a finalised firmware :confounded:
    It really makes me wonder : do they plan to design (slightly flawed/unfinished) products to go on with selling new iterations every few months ?
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  4. grs8
    QC is really bad, some got doa AP80, one mentioned at ks that the back fall off, loose wheels, faulty buttons, ... and then you should pay p&p back to Hidizs.

    They ignore my last mail for over 2 weeks now, no reply, no tracking no., nothing. So I called my cc company and started a charge back, hopefully I will get my money back.

    This company is a bad joke.
  5. oliwek2
    I guess we'd be amazed by the (little) size of the company.
    Sure, communication is awful, and software support is just ... really weak. They struggle to deliver the features advertised during crowdfunding campaigns.
    Same experience.
  6. MisterMudd
    Uh oh! My red AP80 has developed a wobbly volume wheel after a month. Makes me wish I bought the Cayin N3 when it was on sale. Won't do a Kickstarter ever again.
  7. okinear
    Wondering what you are using to tag your music files (under linux)?

    Tried easytag: APE tagging does not seem to work (at least for images, the tag gets lost), failed to reset the date tag of MP3 files when it's in the yyyy-mm-dd format, and no support for DSD files...

    Is there a better solution under linux (or even under win as dual boot)?
  8. raiderkilo
    Try MP3 Tag
  9. titanquests69
    Damn, this makes me sad. I really wanted this as my DAP. But seeing all these complaints about faulty hardware, I've decided I won't risk it. I'll sell it unopened and buy an M6 instead.

    Thank you Hidizs for wasting my time and money. This will be my last Hidizs product.
  10. kuki_junior
    Im pretty sure this will be my last purchase from Hidizs. Disappointed.

    Will just sell it as it is.

    What a way to start the new year and end the anticipation for a new mp3.
  11. djricekcn
    At least you guys got yours. Mines forever lost in limbo
  12. GuywhoLikesHIFI
    I'm really enjoying mine, MSEB and soundfield are fun features to muck around with, and it sounds great. The build quality on mine also seems really nice. I've used both the leather and silicone case. Battery life is good.

    No major problems, when I play a 5 hour AAC 126kbps it takes about 20 seconds to load. Thats all the bad I can think of though. Very satisfied.
  13. okinear
  14. MisterMudd
    Since I have the wobbly wheel, is anyone on this thread been in the same situation and tried to return their device? Any results? I am just trying to think ahead in case this whole thing goes bad. Thanks.
  15. cdmackgreen
    I have had the wobbly wheel since the first moment I used it. I have tried forcing it to see if it will come off or get looser but it seems to be OK at that.
    The leather case was designed way too tight and the opposite with the flimsy silicone cover.
    Apart from that the sound is quite nice.
    Wish I could get a silicone cover of the same quality FiiO use to supply with their players.
    Just hope the wee thing lasts with good use!
    MisterMudd likes this.
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