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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. AndySocial
    Well, you know the USA - we can't just use standards that other countries do. Whether it's TV, radio, or cellular - we gotta be difficult.
  2. abitdeef
    Yep and high fructose corn syrup, and GMOs everywhere. Yippee!!!!
    AndySocial likes this.
  3. IryxBRO
    Yep. :wink: Very unrecommended. I can't find a person so bad to give it to him as a gift :)
  4. IryxBRO
    I've already done the comparison in my review couple of pages back... IMO. But even if someone else would find that it sounds similar (which is not) - other features of AP80 are still better (screen, touch, feel, buttons, etc). As it is mentioned on Kickstarter - it is planned to have LDAC here as well.
  5. abitdeef
    No offense but hey we all hear things different and since I can’t demo it I’d like to hear as many peoples opinions as I can.

    For instance to me the M0 doesn’t feel cheap at all, and I have no problem navigating the UI. I think they did the best they could with the tiny screen and I think it sounds fantastic with ak t8ie mkii and Mieze classics 99.
  6. abitdeef
    That said yes there is a lot to like about the hidiz I’ve never owned one and from what I heard about them about firmware upgrades I’m just going hope they support the AP 80 better than they supported some of their other daps. I will probably order one regardless because of the small price.
  7. abitdeef

    Ha ha didn’t mean to quote myself. Have to remember edit, not reply :wink:
  8. IryxBRO
    That is why I am saying that this is my own opinion. You are right - it is better to collect as many thoughts as you can and make your own decision... BTW - by saying "cheap" I don't mean to offend anyone who owns it or a manufacturer - I just compare the tactile feel and look. AP80 feels more solid and creates more expensive impression mainly because of the screen and more complicated design...
  9. silverfishla
    I have two of your products, AP60 Pro and the DH1000. I like them a lot and I think that they sound great. My concern with the new product is your commitment to firmware updates and working out any bugs. The AP60 Pro is still waiting for a stable firmware and implementation of APTX into the unit (has no APTX script). How can you assure us that you will support this product, yet leave some of your recent products unfinished?
  10. TheRH
    Ok, so it is almost the 8/22, who will be doing the Kickstarter? I am in the US.
  11. silverfishla
    Me. Going to try.
    TheRH likes this.
  12. silverfishla
    I just asked about this concern too. Hopefully there will be a reply...
  13. abitdeef
    Yes because it looks like a really nice unit and the ESS dac/amp combo sounds really nice.
  14. TheRH
    I will be a backer as well.
  15. kenloveme
    @abitdeef Yes! They are also waiting for the certification and they will get it this week (that is what i heard)! So does Hidizs AP80 also! :), We already paid the money to Sony they just didn't allow us to broadcast the information :ksc75smile:
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