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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. IryxBRO
    What about isolating from wireless interference and routing power? It means that such smartphone would be as thick and big as most of good DAPs are...
  2. AndySocial
    We may be reaching a plateau in sound quality. If so, maybe the manufacturers (and Hiby) can work on adding some features to the software and tightening up some of the quirks. Nah, they'll just keep cranking out more devices with incremental changes. :)
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  3. abitdeef
    Yes I agree, even the cheapest dacs surpass the range of human hearing with lazer precision. Only way to tweak sound is by low pass filters and amp circuits and dsp.

    Headphone selection is more important, I’d also rather Hidizs/Hiby work on smoothing out the UI and adding stuff people want like LDAC ( I know it’s coming- but until it’s here it’s not a feature) podcast support, better databasing etc. The hit detection/sensitivity needs work on the UI for sure.
  4. AndySocial
    The touch targets on the AP80 are infuriating at times. The main menu, with the four big buttons, works great. Once you get into the keyboard, or trying to adjust the volume from the swipe-up menu, you're into curse-filled annoyance territory. I have noticed that for most of the small on-screen buttons, I need to tap just slightly above where it appears (the play/pause button, for example).
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  5. abitdeef
    Yep either that or tap it 3 times, I’ve activated the pop up window on the bottom several times just trying to hit ‘play’.

    I would like to say though it does sound nice in the suv and if they tweak the controls it will be much easier to use than the M0.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
  6. silverfishla
    I find that I think it’s almost the best that it can be for such a small device. I’ve got my methodology down for the keyboard.
    The swipe up feature sometimes pops up when I’m trying to skip a track (which happened once and then I tapped the volume bar and blew out my ears! So I set a max volume on there to defend myself from doing that again). MSEB sliders are the most difficult to navigate with the touch screen. Wish you could select a bar then use the buttons for that one. Otherwise, not too bad. It’s just such a crowded little screen, and I can’t really see how they could make it much better. How’s the MO in comparison?
  7. okinear
    Technology can make things very small... but users remain... human!
    Reminds me the... how was it called?... computer watches? or simply calculator watches, the keys were so small I wonder how people were able to use them!
  8. BetterLate
    Looking for some help...I’m trying to drive a Schiit stack (Modi And Vali) either lineout or usb and can’t get either to work. Same setup (sane cables same headphones) work fine with Hiby R6. Has anyone made AP80 work as source and any speculation about what I’m doing wrong? ( I’ve tried all 3 USB settings. Thanks!
  9. abitdeef
    It definitely can get better when it comes to screen response and hit boxes. M0’s screen is more precise and responsive.
  10. silverfishla
    For line out, the pull up menu has the line out toggle (I think it’s the last symbol) that will set your AP80 at an arbitrary volume.
    To use the AP80 as a transport through USB, the pull up menu has a symbol that says DAC and choose “Audio” from the 3 choices after hitting the DAC symbol. Connect it to your stack (it’s a DAC right?) but you might have to switch it off and on for the AP80 to see it. A confirmation should be seen on the AP80 screen saying something like “Audio equipment connected). The volume on the Ap80 is still active, so you’ll have to find what you want as far as that goes, or just turn it up. Have a song playing while you do it. Turn volume down on the stack.
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  11. MisterMudd
    My AP80 has come in and I have been spending time with it, but I understand what it is you're saying. I have tried a variety of DAPs from the cheap Benji K9 to the xDuoo X3 to the Fiio X3ii. They all present a slightly different flavor in terms of sound , and were all nice to listen to, but the "magic" of any different sound quality wore off fairly quickly. To my ears, my Sansa Clip+ with Rockbox sounds better than them all. Just plain fun sounding. Spending the money I have on gear over the years and hearing what I've heard, I should have stopped with the Sansa Clip Plus. Would have been just as happy.

    Thought I would give it a go one last time so I bought the new Hidizs but I really think I am done buying DAPs. My inexpensive Moto G with the Radsone ES100 sounds better to me. Wish the ES100 had been around 10 years ago! For what it is, the AP80 is nice, but advances sound quality little, if any.
  12. silverfishla
    Hooray Hidizs! Running at 24/44.1 there is little to no lag when syncing to YouTube on my computer. Nice. My other DAPs all have a 1/2 second lag when connected as DAC.
    Running at 24/192 brings the lag, but at least it will run for music.
  13. BetterLate
    I had tried all of that before except turning off the DAC. unfortunately that didn’t work either. Sigh
  14. silverfishla
    I looked at the specs for Modi. There was this: "OPERATION
    If you’re using Modi 3 as a USB only DAC,
    don’t need Power Input. Just connect it to your
    computer with the supplied USB Micro cable and
    you’re set.
    If you’re using the other digital inputs,
    and you’re
    NOT using USB, you need Power Input. Connect
    the supplied USB wall-wart with the supplied USB
    Micro cable to provide power for the other inputs.
    Modi 3 won’t work without power, and power
    comes from USB"
    Even though it says you don't need power from a USB source, it kind of infers that that source is your computer (which could provide power). I think that it might be a Modi question. There might be a thread for that, I'm sure other owners have done exactly what you want to do. Did your line-out work at least?
  15. BetterLate
    Thank you so much for your time and interest. I have it plugged in. I have not been able to get line-out OR usb working on either AP80 or R 3. R6 works on both
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