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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. fiercekid84
    just got my AP80 red and damn it is really really small. time to retired my fiio x3 gen 1. oh just in case u want to know, i'm from singapore
  2. petricnah
    Hi, Is yr parcel delivered via Singpost or 4PX?
  3. fiercekid84
    not too sure. the office people in my work place sign it for me.
  4. petricnah
    Thank, My 'Arrival at Destination' this morning.
  5. fiercekid84
    so a simple sound quality was made and my sad boys rap sound even sadder then when it was on fiio x3 gen 1 and now i'm suicidial.
  6. abitdeef
    Don’t try suicide, you’re just gonna hate it,

    Don’t try suicide, It’s a drag

    Don’t try suicide, you’re not going to like it

    Don’t try suicide, nobody gives a damn

    Freddy :wink:

    And don’t forget,

    Wine is fine but whiskeys quicker

    Hey, you should play with the EQ or the magic 8 ball to try get that warm wolfson X3 sound my friend.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
  7. prophette
    Just got my tracking number today despite having received it 6 days ago. (sigh)
    AndySocial likes this.
  8. fiercekid84

    nah I just leave it as it is. all eq related settings at default
  9. mandrake50
    Guess what? I got email shipment notification for my AP80 today. You know, the one that was delivered last Thursday.
  10. dblml320
    I received my AP80 last week, and have been listening to it. Generally I like the device, but I want to ask a serious question. If you are a DAP veteran, what listening improvements has your AP80 (if you received yours) brought to your listening experience?

    Frankly, I have found only one improvement in the device over my previous DAP's (Hiby R3, AP60, Shanling M1). I really like the AP80 format display that shows the DSD, FLAC and MP3 files as groups.

    I have not found any other improvement. The U/I is also slightly different than other devices, so it has a small learning curve.

    I am bringing this up, because as the audio capabilities get better on my phones, and I see these new players not really advance the quality of the listening experience, I will be buying fewer devices .... only devices that have apparent listening improvements.

    If the AP80 is your first device, great! It is a nice device for the price, and I would not be disappointed!
  11. abitdeef

    Well all those daps use the same firmware company for one thing, and are all relatively inexpensive.

    You surely aren’t talking about apple phones :) because they haven’t made a good sounding device since iPod 5th gen Imo. Very flat sounding as far as imaging and staging and very digital sounding.

    No they don’t sound horrible but with something revealing you can really notice the difference. I’ve never heard the LG models with the 4 dacs like the AP80, I imaging that sounds pretty good.

    Hiss in the signal has went down though from years past.

    Specs on stuff now adays are beyond human hearing anyways. You really need a well designed amplification circuit to get the most out of a device. I didn’t really expect the 115 dollar AP80 to bring any sonic improvements beyond other bargain daps, but I do enjoy messing with the many dsp features and filters.

    Also I do prefer its sound to the other small bargain daps.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
    IryxBRO likes this.
  12. IryxBRO
    Just my own point of view:
    - Smartphone audio capabilities as well as photo|video capabilities and so on are far away from the quality of dedicared devices with much more suphisticated component base and much more efforts in R&D to maximize the qaulity of a single function and testing it afterwards.
    - My personal experience requires to have a dedicated DAP cause I have 2 sim cards in phone and no space for microSD card.
    - Smartphone is a device to stay connected... additional battery drain is not a good idea
    - Usually, to get the best quality of audio in OS environment you should pass the stream in proprietary mode which excludes other sounds to pass (that contradicts phone nature)
    - Smartphones are moving to digital outputs instead of analog, which means additional covertions to audio
    - Lack of different output options like BL, coax, etc.
    - No possibility to use a smartphone as USB DAC
    - No possibility to use in home audio system as DAC cause you want to stay online instead of placing a smartphone on a shelf for a long time...
    So, no matter the brand or level of a DAP - it still outperforms a smartphone in all aspects. Same for camera or browsing abilities. The only function that is more or less ok is reading... But it depends of the screen size, eyes, light, etc.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
  13. dblml320
    No .. not any iDevice for sure .. and I wonder why Apple has been so absent from the hi-res audio market. I think they are very arrogant to think that 16 bit music and ear pods are good enough...

    I look at the audio capability of my phone like I look at the camera. My first smartphone camera was horrid, and this is the nicest I can say about it. My phone's camera today has for 99% of my photography replaced my digital camera.

    So I think it is reasonable that phones will get there in audio also in the next 3-5 years. No doubt all these players get better every year .. but several hundred dollars better every year? I don't think so .... and your initial comment about all these devices having the same firmware troubles me, cause again that means very little differentiation...

    I expect one or two of these DAP companies to go out of business in the next 2-3 years. Not that I want them too, but if they don't bring out compelling products year to year, and listen to their customers .. And .. if Apple does decide to take music seriously again .. who knows???
  14. djricekcn

    They aren't arrigant. Most people just can't tell the difference nor want to spend the money for it . Majority is satisfied with lossy
  15. dblml320
    Everything you say is true. But most of them could easily be done in a smartphone. No reason why the phone couldn't be a DAC. In fact a modular phone and music system would be very cool, and something I would consider buying .. I look at optical and coax out as legacy. I think both could be done more precisely over USB and perhaps wirelessly over Wifi .. yes, with all due respect that would likely impact battery life.
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