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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. TheRH
    WoW, just WoW.......
  2. crezo
    Well at least that Facebook audio thread provided some nice photos of the finished units. They do look awesome in red. And it proves some have actually been posted :wink:

    Photos nicked from that thread to bring something other than moaning to this place :wink:
    FB_IMG_1543672556419.jpg FB_IMG_1543672547984.jpg FB_IMG_1543672540045.jpg FB_IMG_1543672529040.jpg
  3. scottm18
    +1 for another USA'er ordering the red that has not received an email update. I'm beginning to think I'm never going to see this thing...
  4. mono-type
    Keep in mind those aren't from KS backers. They bought it locally.

    Such a shame though that the red ones are having a shortage in production, due to the aforementioned QC issue. I do agree that it looks great in red (red being my favorite color, too). The silicone case looks a bit weird, though. It looks like it's a bit ill-fitting. Here's hoping that by the time my reward is about to be shipped, they have enough red units to be delivered.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  5. Spon
    This will be my first DAP and my last Hidiz product. A real farce this is turning out to be on such a public forum!!
  6. Luhar
    What a joke - backer 59, this is some BS!

    Red looks sexy though damn
  7. Gobgab
    So they told some backers who ordered Red color to change their AP80 to Black or Grey but they have Red ones to supply their dealers. This is totally BS.
    Luhar likes this.
  8. mono-type
    Most people suspect that the red ones have gone to the retailers first, so there's a shortage of said red units, in which according to Hidizs themselves is because of a quality control issue. I'm leaning towards the former (red ones have been supplied to retailers first).
    Gobgab likes this.
  9. crezo
    Just playing devils advicate here... but it could be these dealers purchased over kickstarter as well. As they are in the shipping zone that got sent to first.

    I could be horribly wrong though. Im used to 6 month + delays with Kickstarter so as long as it's here before christmas in the UK when the in-laws get here for christmas then I'm all good :wink:
  10. abitdeef
    I keep getting emails from Hidizs thinking it might be related to shipping but hell no


    I think I’m going to rename them ‘Hide’eze.
    Sougouk and Dobrescu George like this.
  11. mono-type
    Well, that's a possibility, too, but there are from that shipping zone (Singapore, Philippines, even HK, etc) reported that they haven't received theirs, from what I've read on the KS comments so far. Well, if that's really a possibility, then it looks like Hidizs might've prioritized backers who ordered in bulk.

    Received that same email too. So far, almost all recent emails from Hidizs that I receive are just promotional crap.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  12. abitdeef
    Seems like a more people got theirs on Kickstarter, don’t know where they’re from or what carrier delivered it, but no tracking #.

    Guess I’m going to have to call the carrier to see if express shipping was used when it comes. I’m sure not giving these clowns extra

    Money for nothing :)
  13. mono-type
    Yeah, more and more people there seem to be getting their AP80s. They seem to be mostly from the US. It's just strange that they're delivered to them without a prior tracking number, which is kinda worrisome. One backer reported that he received a tracking number 5 days prior to the delivery, though.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  14. abitdeef
    People said they’re coming via amazon, very weird. I doubt they sent mine express if at all. All my queries to them are unanswered. With all the competition, you’d think these smaller companies would really be on the ball to try to grow.

    Guess not
  15. toear
    If people are receiving them via Amazon I would say they have definitely worked out some details. I hope mine comes via Amazon up here. Tracking info and delivery details, as well as accountability, are higher and easier to come by than through the regular post.... Just a thought...
    FSTOP likes this.
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