Anything new at Grado?
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About the only thing I'd like to see worked on is a newer version of the iGrado. Not a bad pair of portable phones, but I'd like to see one closer in sound to the SR60 and not quite as ugly.
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The hole in Grados product line up is a closed back headphone. However the GS1K and the iGrado are both pretty recent developments from them. The iGrado was years in the release and came after the failure of the SR-40. Couple this with the recent update in the looks of the line (new font, wood and no buttons) and I think we're looking at a long time before anything new comes along.

But who knows. Maybe John will start sticking some SFI isodynamic drivers in those housings...
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Originally Posted by Pangaea /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I've seen those on ebay before (SR40)... how did they sound? Or was that why they were a failure?

According to those that owned them they were far to bright. One of Grados real mistakes.
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We need a good Grado rumour, HD700, AKG 702 what about a Grado SR500
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i would like to see a new design from grado...something kinda like the HD sennheisers.

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Originally Posted by Duggeh /img/forum/go_quote.gif
RS-2 is more comfy than HD600 imo. Sounds better too.

I really hate anything that physically rubs my ears when i listen. I dont think the RS1 earpads are big enough to fit a normal size ear inside without touching.

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