anything better than the a900ltd for gaming?
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Jan 23, 2006
so yeah, was playing bf2 as commander. Since i wasnt doing much, we had everything under control, i started doing sound tests. Using my a900ltd and ad2000 i find that i enjoy gaming better on the ad2000. However, these are open and i need some isolation. So whats the next step for closed gaming cans?
for games i prefer bright, detailed sound. the more stuff i can hear the better. I dont care if actual sound represenation is accurate, im not gonna go 'heh these footsteps sound just like mine on hardwood floors etc', i just need to hear it loud and clear. Sound positioning and soundstage also important, wouldnt have gotten the a900ltd in the first place if i didnt think that necessary. I was thinking CD3000,silver ICs, SS amp for games, and ad2000, tube amp, and silver coated copper IC for all around music.

either that or i can consider some nice w5000
i really want that wine bottle, someone sell me!

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