Anyone's white q-JAYS cable getting dirty?
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Oct 8, 2006
Just wondering how easily it is for the q-JAYS cable to get dirty, wearing over the ear. About how long do they stay white for? If the cables ever get dirty, how would I get them nice and white again?
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Yeah, my gf had that problem with the white pair that I got her. According to JAYS, it was an early production issue that they have since solved. I would suggest contacting Peter of JAYS, PetCed, here on head-fi and see what he can do for you.
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Originally Posted by kite7 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Here was the thread but it was only about the case rubbing against the cable

I'd like how to know how dirty it gets without using the case

Oh yeah, I forgot that it was about the case issue.. I use an Apple iPod remote and the cable is all blue looking because it rubs when it's in my pocket.
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There was a whole thread about this.. tons of people were having the same problem, IIRC.

Tons of people? I think we should be a little bit more gentle here. I have got a handful of returns and and from what I know the q-JAYS weighs 8..grams
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i don't understand this. My Apple stock buds get dirty, same with my Ety 6is. i can't read newspaper with them in. Jays get dirty easier?

Its a "white" problem. Not "JAYS" Problem

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