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Anyone willing to loan me a V-Moda M-80 and/or Skullcandy Aviator?

  1. Lurkumaural
    I want to compare these and hopefully a few others and write up my observations.  The M-80 and Aviator are easy enough for me to buy, and hopefully return, but I'd rather not do it that way if someone's willing to give theirs up for, I don't know, a couple of weeks?  I wouldn't want to buy something thinking I'm 100% likely to return it; seems kinda dirty.  Maybe one will be a keeper, but the others wouldn't be.  You guys get me, I don't need to push it in any further.
    I want to get a decent snapshot of some good headphones that include 3-button mic remotes that will be used unamped on-the-go out of an iPhone or unamped at home on a Macbook Pro.
    Any other headphones with remote would be welcome too, like the Q460 or PX 200-IIi.
    Brave souls?
  2. justakid
    dude, if you go to the apple store and try out the headphones on display, you'll be able to see that the iPods have a diverse enough song list to test the headphones before you buy them.  I did this when I bought my V-Modas two years ago.  I only had to sample in one store by comparing the headphones on display and how each sounded with different genres/styles of music, and it allowed me to make a good choice (or at least i think so) without having to buy or borrow the headphones I was comparing.
  3. Lurkumaural
    Thanks for the reply. 
    I have since heard the V-80/M-80 and Aviator a few times, but the point of what I was asking was to put them through their paces with daily use: music, phone calls, use of the remote playback functions.  And especially the Q460 and PX200, which I haven't seen in stores, would be nice to borrow.  I was originally planning to compile a write-up that would include as many headphones with Apple remote as I could get in one grouping.  That was back when I was expecting an evaluation unit of the Incase Sonic, before (or right about when) it hit store shelves.  It didn't come.  I recently bought the Incase Sonic, and from memory I think the M-80 has it beat for a punchier, more energetic sound.  I don't remember the Aviator much except that I liked it.  Hence the urge to put together a shootout.
    And the last time I tried a headphone at the Apple Store, I didn't find anything on the attached iPod Nano that I wanted to listen to.  That, and I really dislike the Apple Store.  Maybe more than Best Buy.

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