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Anyone using an HDphone extension cord with the PM-1?

  1. jllaudio
    I find the length of my PM-1 headphone cable is too short to reach my preferred listening location.  Anyone using an extension cable with their PM-1?  If so, are you finding an unacceptable loss due to the cable?  If not, what extension cable are you using and how much does it cost, preferably under $100?
  2. toolio

    I know nothing about the PM-1 cable, or the size of the connector, but I find the Grado extension cord to be quite good. I own a couple of these, and do not notice any loss.
  3. jllaudio

    Thanks, I think I've seen it at Music Direct for about $39.  May I ask how long is your total length with the extension?
  4. toolio
    The Grado cable is 15 feet, or about 4.5 metres. I use them with a number of headphones with varying cable lengths.
  5. zazex
    I don't know your location, obviously,
    but Redco Audio in Connecticut will make you
    a custom cable terminated as you specify
    for about $40 for 10 feet.
    They have the very highly regarded
    Gotham 3, along with Mogami, Gepco,
    and others. Customer service is nonpareil.
  6. jllaudio
    I am in Eastern Michigan.  Sorry for the delay in response.

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