Anyone tried this yet?
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Mar 2, 2006
Scanning ebay I found this:

The unit looks very nice and the seller looks very respectable, the price looks....Woah! I've been in the process of updating my system with budget components in an effort to replace my integrated amp, and have been looking into a dedicated headphone amp for use with my cd player and potentially a tuner as well in the next few weeks. My amp has a headphone output, so does my cd player, but both are solid state and the tuner I would get would need to go through my amp as most don't have built in headphone jacks. Currently I'm an all solid state guy, but i've been wanting to try tubes out, I was shocked by the price of this thing, its one of the lowest priced headphone amps i've seen let alone its tube as well. So my question for all you head-fi's out there is has anyone tried this thing out yet and would you recommend it? Is it actually any good? the price is so low.

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