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Anyone reading head-fi on a kindle?

  1. tme110
    I couldn't find anything about this on line.
    I have the new kindle fire HDX and love it.  I can do almost everything I need it to do.  2 notable exceptions for me are that I can't get it to show my my DVD gue on netflix and I can't use it to read head-fi. 
    The whole point of the HDX is not not have to use the mobile sites but that doesn't seam to work either.  Has anyone figured out how to make this work?  I can get to head-fi and I can log in and see my list of threads or the new threads page but I can only see the 1st page of links.  If I hit the 'MORE' button the page just reloads and no more posts show up.  The list of posts ends again with the 'more' link but that still doesn't work.  From looking at other posts online it looks like going to 'read' mode would help but that option does not show up on the head-fi site.  I'm guessing all the links don't count as text so the reading mode never goes active.
    thanks for any ideas.
  2. Spareribs
    I'm now using Apple.
  3. Balmoral
    I use my Kindle HD Fire  to view HF all the time with silk.  If it's not working for you however, you can always download dolphin web browser...it looks closer to what you would probably be used to using a desktop or what have you. 
    Hope this helps.

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