Anyone Own The Nady DJH-2000 Headphones?
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Aug 7, 2012
I'm wanting some new headphones, the ones I just purchased aren't working out so well. The Sony MDR-ZX300's I got are too bright for my taste, they do have good bass punch though but the comfort just kills them, besides they're open and I want closed (my fault for not reading properly). The Audio Technica ATH-M2X I got are absolutely wonderful, I had a pair of these when I was younger but I wasn't known for being real easy on my stuff back then. The only problem I have with these is the ear cups don't swivel, so it makes them very uncomfortable to wear on the neck (so I don't lose my hair). I tried doing a search for these Nady headphones but there were no posts. has anyone had any experiences with these? And maybe perhaps a few suggestion for headphones that I can wear on the back of my neck, preferably closed type.
Budget - $200

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