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anyone knows about the xears td100 II?

  1. julioforo
    they have a great price...
    someone who has this in-ears?
    are good?
  2. sunspot


    I have it.
    I personally think it's a very good earphone at the 20 EUR + shipping it's selling for right now (I got mine at 15 EUR, but I don't think that'll happen again for a while).
    Things to know about it:
    • The eartips that come with it are so-so.  If single-flange tips fit well for you, get some sony hybrid clones instead.  If double-flanges fit well, get some from meelec.com (the M9 balanced biflanges work well).
    • The cable is OK, but not great.  Don't expect something like the ViSang R02/R03 cable.
    • They aren't balanced earphones by any means.  They are a lot of fun, but they have a lot of bass.  If you prefer slightly less bass and can stand a J-cord, get the XB120Pro bullet instead.  Don't get me wrong, though: those are NOT muddy.  They are pretty detailed.  But they are not balanced.
    So I guess what I'm saying is, they're very good earphones if they have the sound signature you like, and if you don't mind having to buy some third-party silicone tips.  For me, they have a sound signature I really like.
    Take a look at the mega-comparison thread from |joker|; the TD100 is reviewed.  It's mostly an older version of the TD100 II.  The only differences appear to be that the older TD100 had a J-cord, and the tips that came with them were really crappy; those that come with the TD100-II are just meh.
    Hope this helps.

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