anyone in Vancouver, BC?
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May 9, 2007
I'm looking to troubleshoot a SQ issue with my rig, and wondering if there's anyone in Vancouver, BC I could particularly check my amp against theirs.

Is this the best place to ask this question?

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There's a number of us here.

Home or portable?

And what might the problem be?
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"Anyone in Vancouver, BC?"
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I have a portable amp, but I just want to try to figure out why I'm not getting the bass I out to be, and I think it's my amp. The highs and mids are great, and the bass is represented, but it's not really THERE.

Sound is fine straight out of my Cowon A2, but bass-light going Asio4All -> Foobar2000 -> AlienDAC -> MisterX XP-based amp -> Klipsch Image IEMs (and on my SennHD595s). So I'm trying to diagnose where my weak link is. I have decent, normal bass if I plug my IEMs straight into the audio out of the computer, but if I feed the computer's audio out thru the amp into the IEMs, the bass goes weak again.
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Where are you located though.

I'm studying near Harbour Centre.

We can probably arrange to meet over lunch or dinner time to diagnose the problem.
Gotta make it not too long though, got lotsa animation work to finish up x_x
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A fellow animator! I work at Bardel doing Viva Pinata. I could meet you in Harbour Center for lunch today or any other day. I don't live downtown, so it'd have to be lunch or anytime during the workday, not dinner.
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w00t cool =3
I'm 'rummaging' through my assignments back in VanArts. 2D animator instad of 3D though.
*heart* the chara designs in Viva Pinata, but don't get to watch it often due to school schedules x_x

When and where in Harbour Centre though?
It'll be my first time having lunch there, since I'm a recent settler in Vancouver itself.
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Looking to send you an IM thru MSN
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ok, n/m about the msn.... I'm pretty sure there's a Tim's right by the Seymour entrance to Harbour Centre. Are you available to meet today? Maybe 12:15?
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That Tim Horton's? Sure thing =)

An hour an a quarter from now. Guess We'll meet there then.

I'll sport the RP-21 so I'll be easier to spot =)
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That's awesome, thanks so much.
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It worked out pretty OK for most the part.

The Klipsch Images were really tiny and VERY comfy I must say, and the Cowon A2 was the way I remembered it to be: Awesome, and is one of the Cowon players with a dedicated Line-out.

I guess we can arrange for a mini-meet one day in the evenings?

I'll prolly bring whatever I have, even though it ain't much XP
*wants an iBasso D1 to use as a DAC for the H120*
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It was a great little meet. The equipment present was:

Cowon A2
MisterX XP-based amp
Klipsch Image IEMs
Sennheiser HD595s

Creative Ep630
Xenos 1HA-EPC
Shure SE420 IEMs

I guess it was a mini-meet. Zeph gave my equipment a good solid listen, we swapped out various bits and bobs from each other, exchanged impressions. I am grateful to Zeph for showing on such short notice, and helping put my mind at ease about the amp. I'm going to send it back where I got it and have them take a look at it. If there's nothing wrong with it, then it's just my preference and I'll be looking to sell this one and buy a new amp. But I hope they can find something to fix or tweak to make it the amp I want it to be.

If someone wants to arrange a mini-meet some lunchtime, I'd be all for it! And if anyone has a laptop, I could bring my USB DAC along too. But I don't live downtown, so I couldn't go to anything after work. Family commitments.
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I didn't have the EP630 with me then though, I didn't think it was important, didn't bring my Cowon D2 or iAudio U3 either.

The other full sized can I brought along was the Equation Audio RP-21s.
Really need to outsource a pair of Beyerdynamic Pleather pads for those to maximise their potential though XP

We can probably arrange for a mini-meet one day, but we need to make sure everyone's schedule will be in the clear for that.

So for your case, methinks its a weekday lunchtime period?
What about other potential participants? =3

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