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Anyone here try the Sivga SV007? opinions?

  1. aceofpilots
    So its my first time buying real headphones.

    I'd primarily be using them for gaming, movies, and music on my PC but also will be using them out and about.

    I'm not familiar with "chi-fi"

    I asked around on reddit and a few people recommended them and they do look nice being wood and all.

    But I always cared more about quality over aesthetics.

    I'm a bit more familiar with brands like ATH or Sennheiser so I was thinking of ATH M40x. M50x, or the Senn HD 589

    I'm open to suggestions but if anyones tried the Sivga SV007, I'd like some input and opinions on them if they're worth the $90.

    My price range is $90-$120
  2. aceofpilots
    I feel like I made a mistake buying these and should've went with the HD579, ATH AD700x, or something similar

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