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Anyone here tried the new Westone AVD Alpha IEM?

  1. DevilsRightHand
    Hey head-fiers, I just got an email from Earphone Solutions announcing the Westone ADV Alpha (Adventure Series ???) said to be the first cross-over earphones. I hadn't heard of these being in the works and I must say I'm pretty interested in trying these. Should I be?
    Has anyone had a chance to try these out?
    What do you guys think of these?
  2. Trager
    Just put in my order. Strangely, I didn't see these when I stopped by the Westone booth at CES, but I've been looking for a new pair of IEMs for running and general workout type stuff. I've liked their sound and fit enough that I'm willing to put up the $200 to try 'em out.
  3. DaddyMojo
    They sound fantastic, based on what little I have read. I didn't even see them on the Westone website when I was on it last week. I already have both the Westone 3 and the Westone UM3X. Eager to get some fit and sound reviews.
  4. dweaver
    I have a pair on order I thought this would be a fun first Westone earphone to try.
  5. DaddyMojo
    I ha

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