Anyone here into car audio as well?
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Jun 5, 2009
I recently got into the IEM game after my sennheisers were sucked up by a vacuum. I recently found this site and have been doing alot of research for my next set.

Anyways, Im also very much so into car audio as well. I've slowly been adding equipment to my car. Mine is more geared towards SQ than SPL.

Anyone here do car audio as well?
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Dunno what SPL is but I plan on getting into car audio as soon as I can afford a nice whip. I'd like to see who else on here does currently do car audio.

Do you find that driving is a good enough environment to appreciate high fidelity audio?
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I think so as long as your not on the freeway. Wind noise can block out some of the little nuances that some tracks have.

Just cruising around though you can definitely appreciate high quality sound in your car. I have some loss less tracks from a test disk that I love playing in my car. It sounds so damn good.
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I am an old school car audio guy. - I've done both the SPL and SQ side.

I'm a frequenter/member over on - check it out already if you haven't.
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I'm into car audio. I don't pour a lot of money into my setups because it simply isn't an ideal place to listen IMO. However, stock systems are horrible and just a few hundred can make your car much better sounding.

SPL is Sound Pressure Level. It's where you go for the loudest system you can, without much regard for overall sound quality.
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Nope. Stock radio, stock speakers. I drive in the summer with windows down, really bad place to put money into audio. In the winter, have the heater on and the placement of the speakers are terrible.

But more than anything, I am always very focused when driving. There is no way I'm going to let music be the reason I hurt someone else on the road, just stupid. Music is purely background noise when I'm driving, and not going to spend money on background noise.
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When I go to do car audio, I'm gonna want killer bass and good SQ (don't know if those two can co-exist in a car...). I don't really care how loud it goes, as the bass will rattle the windshield at all levels if its killer enough :)
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Ironically, my car has a Bose soundsystem. I never understood the "No Highs, No Lows, it must be Bose" before I had that car, and figured out I need to bump treble and bass way up high to get half-decent sound lol

My previous car had a Clarion system with 8 inch subwoofer - not much, but nice difference tho.
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Car audio is important IMO. Yes it's not as good as the home gear but listening to music while driving is wonderful.

My mom has a Lexus ES 350 and the stock sound system is very good IMO. I love it while cruising around, borrowing her car. Someday I'll drive a Lexus baby.

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