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Anyone here have luxury & Precision L6?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by NiVrA, Dec 5, 2018.
  1. NiVrA
    What do you guys think of it?is it worth the cash that I will shell out or there are other daps that is better than this?what would you recommend?Thanks!
  2. NehPets
    I'm also interested in the L6, along with its smaller sibling, the L4.
    The L6 has been favorably reviewed on Headfonia and by twister6. For a similar amount of cash, you could pick up the Colorfly U8 or the Questyle QP2R. I'm familiar with the QP2R, but the L6 and U8 aren't currently available in my neck of the woods, so I've no way to compare their performance.
  3. NiVrA
    What do you think of the QP2R is it worth the money?is the SQ really good?like TOTL?
  4. NehPets
    With regard to sound quality, I think it competes well with the other products in its price range, but it lacks the added features the others have. If you look at its output specification, it doesn't look good in comparison, but it's deceptively powerful and will happily drive most (not all) of the planar-magnetics out there, although I understand you only use IEM, so unless you're using something that likes a lot of current, then that's probably not particularly important to you. If you're looking for a very clearly defined type of musical presentation, where you can separate out every single note (which I personally find somewhat distracting), then the QP2R won't suit because its presentation is more relaxed and to my ears at least, more natural.
  5. NiVrA
    so what do you suggest?my friend told me taht this dap sound really good...and read some good reviews on it too...do you yhink the ibasso dx200 would serve me better?
  6. NehPets
    I've got no experience with the DX200, but based on what I've read, I believe the sound is more 'analytical' than that of the QP2R. The DX200 has more features than the QP2R and of course, it has the modular amp system; in my part of the world, the DX200 is also cheaper than the QP2R, so you could argue that it's better value for money, but ultimately, it comes down to which type of presentation you prefer; the more detail focused DX200 or the more naturally musical QP2R. Also, and again based purely on what I've read, the presentation of the L6 seems like it might be somewhere between these two.
    I see that you've been posting on the QP2R thread and asked whether Questyle will bring out a new DAP anytime soon. I believe that they're focusing on developing their desktop "super source" system at the moment, but there may be a new DAP, with more added features, in the second half of next year.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  7. NiVrA
    Thank you...I could get the same model about at the same price sooo yeah...also should I wait for a new model or go with QP2R?
  8. NehPets
    The problem with waiting is, when the time comes to buy, there'll be more alternatives available to confuse your decision and you'll end up in a loop. I don't think you'd be disappointed with the sound of either the QP2R or the L6, so make the decision and go for it.
  9. NiVrA
    ok thank you one last question coming from a HibY R3 will it make a big difference in terms of SQ?
  10. NehPets
    I've got no experience with the R3, so I couldn't say for sure.

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