Anyone hear these BT stereo earphones?
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According to my experiences JBL Synchros Reflect BT isn't very durable (they broke about once in 3 weeks and their customer support is so bad that eventually I just gave up with warranty replacements) and JLab Epic BT didn't fit me very well. If the fit weren't bad for me, then JLab would have had better sound than JBL. I haven't tried or owned Jabra Rox.
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I'm trying out the Jabra. Getting a good fit/seal is challenging. If it rapped around the ears, as the Powerbeats, I would trust the phones won't pop out.
So far, not hearing a lot of bass.
Yurbuds advertise they don't come out of the ears; I wonder how they sound.
Jul 27, 2015 at 7:23 PM Post #6 of 11
Photive BTE70, which look similar to Powerbeats 2.

Bananas, based on your experience and another long time head-fi'er, decided against the jbl.

Photive should be pretty good bang for your buck. I haven't hear BTE70 myself, but my current gym earphones are Photive BTE50, which are more than excellent for the price. 
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i picked up a refurb pair of the BT Reflect yesterday for only $25 so even with the durability complaints i've seen, i'll spend $25 to see how they are..  really impressed with the sound quality, great detail imo.  nice full sound.. hopefully they will last me a while.. but for $25 i'm not out a large investment.. also hopefully since they are refurbs they've fixed the durability issue. we'll see.
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As an update: Photive BTE50 finally gave up last week as audio didn't come through the right channel anymore.

I bought Spigen R12E as an replacement and after a quick listen it seems like these may be overall better headphones than Photive BTE50 was. I will update after I've done some exercising with Spigen.

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