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Anyone hear about Yamamoto HA-03 ?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by kusanagi, Dec 17, 2012.
  1. kusanagi
    Link : http://www2.117.ne.jp/~y-s/HA-03-news-E.html
    Price : ¥128,000 (~ $1500)
    HA-03 Specifications
    Form : the amplifier use vacuum tube both for headphone and speaker
    Use vacuum tube: : C3m (vintage vacuum tube by German Siemens) 2pcs. attachments
    maximum output: -- 1.4W+1.4W (50ohms / headphone load) 1W+1W
    frequency characteristic (8-ohm / speaker load): -- 35Hz-17.5kHz (-3dB)
    remains noise: -- 57 microvolts (with A filter)
    input impedance: -- 50k ohms
    Input change: 2 line selection is possible.
    weight: -- 5.6kg
    outside dimension: -- 156(W)330(D)165(H) mm
    I can't say anything about this beauty once. Still waiting their impression :)
  2. Xymordos
    The specs sound quite bad...
    Though looking at the output power at 50Ohms, it seems like it is designed for ATH headphones again!
    Hope someone has heard this before!
  3. geared2play

    35-17.5KHZ is for the speaker output. Which is slightly better than HA-02. Headphone output should have better specs. One thing I like about HA-03 from what I read is the multi-voltage power supply. 100-120V, and 220-240 are all supported.
  4. daigo
    I'm not familiar with the C3m tubes this uses.  Having had my eye on acquiring an HA-02 for a while, this also piques my interest.  Hoping for some reviews of this soon. 
  5. Xymordos
    Interesting, if its designed for headphones...why don't they list out any headphone specs at all o.O
  6. MuppetFace
    Bumpity bumb.
    Anyone have a chance to hear this amp yet? It's calling out to me to go in my office...
  7. daigo
    Perhaps you can volunteer to be an early adopter of this new amp... :D
  8. En_R

    Been looking for a decently priced HA-02 for awhile now. Probably going to bite and buy this one instead.
  9. Currawong Contributor
    I saw this a couple of weeks ago on their site when I was looking for something else. With the Yen coming down it would be interesting to see how it goes powering orthos.
  10. orkney
    I'm thinking of taking the plunge on this as a home amp for the W3000ANVs. The HA-02 wasn't my favourite all-rounder but it made mighty music with my ATs.
  11. daigo
    I would appreciate your plunge since I'm too chicken to do it myself :p
  12. DRCope
    It's hard to believe that no one on HeadFi has heard this amp. . .
  13. realstar
    Hi guys. My Yamamoto HA-03 just arrived a few days ago. I ordered it from Atelier Audio the Yamamoto dealer in Canada. My order was placed on February 13 and I got my amp on April 5th so about 7 weeks all told. This is my first real dedicated headphone amp up until now I have been using vintage receivers and some small chinese hybrid amps with good results (Pioneer sx737 was my main) Anyway I have only had it a couple days but already I am pretty impressed with the sound quality. I would say this amp is a little warmer and slightly less excitable than my old amp, not quite as lean and mean so I had to pair it with a little brighter sounding tubes in my phono stage to make up for that aspect. I mainly listen to heavy metal so I need a little brightness and speed and a lean tight bass with good control plus a forward midrange doesn't hurt. I am not sure if the Yamamoto has the kind of aggressive attack I am looking for on certain kinds of heavy metal but it certainly has a beautiful way of it's own.

    What I do notice is how natural and authentic everything sounds on this amp and also how revealing it is of my source gear. I can easily tell when changing my phono stage, cartridge, tonearm, table etc. like never before. I am sensing a little more detail here and there and the amp is very quiet in terms of not picking up any kind of hum or buzz. The c3m tubes are a tiny bit microphonic so it's good to keep it on a stable surface. Not a problem if you are not bumping or tapping it all the time.

    When I first started the amp it actually sounded rather plain and laid back but after running in for several hours it started to open up and get richer in the mids and a more musical timing. I think it still needs some hours of burn in to reach it's full potential. I am also trying to get adjusted to the slightly different sound signature that I am not really accustomed to. Treble has a nice shimmering quality kind of like a moving coil phono cart can bring out. Midrange is great with vocals sounding very natural and electric guitars have good amount of texture and seperate from the mix well. Drums are getting pretty snappy as it burns in. I might have to play around with my gear a bit to try and figure out what works best with this amp. It's hard to say at this point whether this will become my new standard or if I go running back to my vintage gear. Build quality and finish is impeccable on this amp and it's got some weight to it. The Wooden volume dial is a nice touch.

    The amp seems to be able to power most of my headphones pretty easily to a nice listening volume at about 1/4 to 1/3 of the volume dial. The AKG K1000 take a little more closer to half of the volume dial. My ESM 4 speakers are only 86.6db efficient but I find this amp can get me enough volume at about 3/4 of the dial to fill my bedroom with sound. Pretty neat trick for a little over 1 Watt of output power at the speaker taps. I would say it's pretty near half the power of my 40 watt Pioneer which is pretty good considering I never go over 1/4 to 1/2 on the dial on that for any headphones or speakers. So you could think of it as having the range of a 20 Watt vintage solid state amp.

    Well not much more to say at the moment. I will do some more testing later but now it's time to enjoy the music!

    Here are a few photos:
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  14. DefQon
    Sounds like these will pair well with the ANV3000 or any of the other W*000X models as did the HA-02 with the ANV's.
  15. realstar
    I swapped to a TC750LC solid state phono stage and things got very bright, thin and grainy. I think the Yamamoto responds to the source and doesn't add too much of it's own character over things. I couldn't hear this much difference between phono stages before so the Yamamoto is pretty revealing whereas my vintage amps overlay their own character to the sound a little more. The tube phono stage is a lot more natural sounding and relaxed. I put some philips ecg tubes in and they sound brighter than stock shuguang tubes but still pretty smooth. btw my phono stage is a Yaquin MS-22b. I think it's reasonable but the Yamamoto would probably like something even nicer. This combination suits my LCD-2s pretty well.

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