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anyone have this issue with their hd668b?

  1. Vazquez
    my left ear cup has been making a weird noise and so has the right but it isnt as bad as the left. so i shined some light from the out side of the cup to the inside and i noticed a very skeletal like soonge material that the cup presses onto. does anyone have a problem with that sponge making a loud noise when ever you move your head around or press on the larger part of the cup? i really love these headphones but this noise is extremely irritating. i dont really want to ship these out and get a new pair and risk having the same problem assuming they would even ship out another pair. i was thinking of pulling the sponge out but i dont know what i could place in there with ease to replace it. 
  2. antonm07
    The ones I have are fine. They're about 1 year old
  3. Vazquez
    i wish i knew how to pop the plastic cover that is over the driver off so i can reach it but it im scared i might break something. i guess ill try to return these and hope for the best

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