Anyone have the new wilco album, Wilco (the album)
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Oct 16, 2008
I am planning on buying it next week (I only buy one CD per week, and this week was Dino Jr.), and I was just wondering what first impressions people are having with regards to this album.
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Check out NPR's music site.

Ive only listened to it 1X but so far liking it, much better IMO than Sky Blue Sky.
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I am very satisfied with (the album).
It is pop after a long time.

Please hear sixth "You Never Know" .

The composition, especially the piano & keyboard is as POP.
It is an arrangement that looks like Jeff Lynne.
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Listening to it right now. I bought it on vinyl (the CD is included BTW) and it is super high quality - just like YFH and Sky Blue Sky in terms of quality. I guess it was pressed in Germany. I can't wait for the rest of the catalog to be out on vinyl...
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X2 on song and sound quality. The vinyl, at least, sounds great. I am about to play the CD in my headphone rig. It is less "experimental" than YHF but it is a great addition to their catalog.
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Is it out? I haven't been paying attention to new releases, but Wilco is one of the few acts I'll go out and buy new for.

Which reminds me, I'll have to hit the local record shop to get this on vinyl. Maybe two copies, considering the way Wilco vinyl appreciates.
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Uncle Erik, I think that yesterday was the official release date. I read (but didn't confirm) that the album was available, as a sample, from

I pre-purchased a copy online and got a tasty 180gram vinyl record and a CD. I don't remember what the other options were - I think that you can get it directly from Wilco but I didn't do it that way - I used another vendor because I was buying a couple of other records at the same time.

I hate rebuying stuff but I am kinda tempted to the other Wilco vinyl, too, although I had no idea that it had appreciated.

Anyway, listening to this album for the second time today and still digging it
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A nice return from Sky Blue Sky (which, frankly, bored me). It has a nice mix of material, that still manages to hold together as a cohesive unit.
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Got the download Monday, the LP/CD combo got here today
regular_smile .gif

Only listened to the download in the car so far, but like most Wilco albums, it gets better each time you play it.
Could use some more crazy solos from Nels.

Got the tote & t-shirt too.

Stand out songs so far are:
You never know
You & I
One Wing

(Did anyone have a problem with very noisy vinyl on "A Ghost is Born"?)
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I downloaded it yesterday. Very nice, listened twice so far, once with W3s and Zune and once via Zune with Class D digital amp and vintage KLH speakers. Both excellent. I am not a vinyl collector. Enough expensive vices already.
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It hears it every day after it reaches.
It is very good.

I wrote as follows by other threads.

"A.M." & "Being There" - Country Rock & Roots Rock taste.
"Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" & "A Ghost Is Born" - Post Rock taste.
"Sky Blue Sky" - Like a 1st. & 2nd taste.
"the album" - Roots Rock & Pop!

This impression has not changed.
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Just listened in a concentrated, undistracted way to the new Wilco album all the way through, and I have to say that I'm impressed. I have read several lukewarm reviews. I'm not really sure why "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and "A Ghost Is Born," both albums that I like a great deal, are often referred to as "experimental." I guess because they departed from the formula established by Wilco's earlier efforts. "Sky Blue Sky," and the new "Wilco (The Album)" are being described as a return to form. Which I suppose means a return to that pre-YHF formula. It seems to me that (as indicated recently in a Modest Mouse thread...) a fairly even evolutionary progression from one album to the next is in fact what Wilco has demonstrated. From what I have been reading, I apparently liked "Sky Blue Sky" more than most. I'm not prepared to say how I would rank "Wilco (The Album)" in sequence among the other Wilco albums at this point. Time has a way of working that out. There isn't a song on this new effort that I don't like. IMHO I think that track#2 ("Deeper Down"), track #3 ("One Wing"), track #4 ("Bull Black Nova"), and track #5 ("You And I") comprise the strongest four track sequence that I can remember on a Wilco album.
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I've had one listen through it, and that was on the way home on my crappy car stereo. Thus far I like it a lot. Much better album than Sky Blue Sky (which I liked, BTW...)
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I'm expecting the CD in the mail any day now. Hoping the SQ is solid. I'm confident the work will be excellent!
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I like it very much! One of the better albums out so far this year I think.

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